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Subject: Moeller Wedel Marox

From: guus kasteel <guus.kasteel@___>

This is the collected response on my question on the Moeller - Wedel  Marox 8 x 32 from a a few weeks ago:  

A few people reacted directly to my question on the "list" and all  confirmed the idea about the function of the knob on top of the central  hinge as being a rest or brace against the bridge between the eyes.  Unfortunately, the response of the company which is still active in the optics  area, was a bit disappointing. Their answer was as follows:  "Dear Dr. Duchateau, Thank you very much for contacting us  via our homepage. The binocular you mentioned was probably manufactured in the  50-ties. Unfortunately we do not have any information about this binocular, as  Möller-Wedel discontinue the production in  the 50-ties. Regarding the prism that you mentioned in your information: we are not  sure but we know that MÖLLER patented one prism for binoculars that was  different from a normal Porro prism. Using this prism the light transmission was  improved. Sorry that we do not have more  information. We wish you a nice Merry  Christmas and a good New Year 2004,  With best regards MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL  GmbH" (end  quote).   

So, it  looks like that the function is now known, but I still would be interested in a  copy (hard copy or pdf) from the original documentation on the Marox.

best  regards Guus  


Subject: Nikon

From: Hans Braakhuis <hans.braakhuis@___.nl>

I think that it is easier for reseach that persons who like to help that they have the draft version of the Nippon Kogaku products list 1909 - 1949 (binoculars and telescopes) (including Fuji Brothers). On this moment I don't have a webside now for download. But I can send it to every body who is interested.

If you like to publish the draft version of the Excel file I send you some days ago, please do it.



This list of 75 Nippon Kogaku binoculars & telescopes, in Excel format, is posted to:


It would be very helpful if anyone with old NK catalogs or instruments could add unlisted models to Hans' list.

thanks,    Peter


Fan Tao recently purchased the only known example of the Univex 6 x 42 plastic body binocular from WWII.



From: Fan Tao <fantao@___t>

Subject: Re: Univex

I got the 6x42 plastic binocular in good condition.  I asked the seller where it came from and all he could tell me was that it was from an estate sale in the Kansas City area.  I opened it up but did not totally disassemble it.  All indications are that it matches the descriptions given in the "Modern Plastics" article (October 1944) and Cynthia Repinski's "The Univex Story". The body is a brown bakelite material and in excellent condition except for some chips and scrapes in the eyepiece

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