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--Gordon Rayner


Subject: Army inventory

From: "Osborn Optical" <optical-repair@___t>

A heads up to anyone obtaining current issue military optical or electro-optical equipment.  We recently received an M25 Stabilized Binocular.  As is our normal procedure, we insure through our security contacts and factory representatives that equipment is legal.  In this case, we knew that the instrument was obtained in good faith, but the instrument turned out to still be in the U.S.Army's inventory.  With some extreme effort and fancy paperwork help, the individuals instrument was declared excess and the issue resolved.  MAKE SURE OF YOUR PURCHASE!!  And if you know it's stolen, don't send it to me, I'll find out.  

Take it easy folks,

Earl Osborn.  Osborn Optical Systems.


These three posts are  from the Deutsche Optik bulletin board:


Con trick.   Posted by james on 01/08/04

Folowing bids placed on blc items / flakglas on ebay I received two "too good to be true offers" to buy high class optics at give away prices........e.g. Ubootglas in mint order for $600 and Flakglas complete with stand and mount for $900. In each case the sellers wanted money transfer by Western Union and would not provide anything in terms of Id etc. One even sent jpegs of a glass which was still listed on sale with eBay. Seems that the con men are very active and interested in those who bid on ebay.


Re: NVA 7x40   Posted by Holger Merlitz on 01/08/04

...the NVA DF 7x40. It was designed by Zeiss (Jena) in the 1960s and built until the late 1970s, when it was replaced with the roof prism EDF 7x40. Multi-coating was introduced in 1978 only, so the DF was without, and hence its transmission was only 75% (modern binoculars reach up to 95%). The EDF however came with multi-coating and it was in fact brighter.     Regards, Holger


New test report     Posted by Holger Merlitz on 01/03/04

In this review I compare three quality binoculars used by the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact: The Rumanian IOR-SA 7x40, the East German Zeiss Jena EDF 7x40 and the Polish PZO 7x45. With regards, Holger




Binocular List #283: 22 January 2004


From: "giuseppe finizio" <gifini@___.it>

Subject: San Giorgio Binos in Dutch service

I am researching Italian San Giorgio optical firm  supplies to  Dutch,Brasilian and Chilean Navies in  1938.

I would be glad to hear from you experts about this subject.

Thanks in  advance. Beppe   


Subject: Review.

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