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pictured in Seeger's book, although the maufacturer's plate is missing.  The optics are in very good shape, except for the ocular lenses which are unusably scratched from improper cleaning.  Litton Industries still manufactures the binocular (now Mark III, Mod 5), and I am told the ocular lenses will interchange with mine.  The hitch is that, because they are a military contractor and don't really want to be bothered with small purchases, they have a minimum $1000 order.

Alternatively,  I could have the existing lenses repolished by Focal Point, Inc., of Colorado for about $250.  This would possibly leave a few of the deepest scratches and remove what is left of the coatings.  Because I have never had an opportunity to look through an undamaged example, I don't know if if the optical potential of this binocular is worth the more expensive repair.  I would any insights that members might have on these issues, and most particularily if they know of any other sources of parts for the binocular.  Thanks.

Steve Cather


Steven M. Cather Ph.D.

Senior Field Geologist

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Socorro, NM 87801



Those who like to keep track of the flood of binoculars coming from China might find this one of interest.  'Apogee' is selling a 20x100 for the price of $199.; this one is different because it uses longer focus objectives & has very large eyepieces, claimed to provide 4.9 degrees of field or almost 100 degrees apparent field.  I have not yet seen reviews of these.



Notes from magazines:

Steiner Binoculars, represented in the U.S. by Pioneer, 97 Foster Road, Moorestown, N.J., 08057, has offered to provide binoculars to U.S. servicemen in Iraq or Afganistan, whose duties include binocular use but who have not been issued a binocular.  Used binoculars in excellent condition will be shipped free of charge to those who qualify and who contact Steiner with a short text on their need.

I am fairly sure there are no eligible servicemen on this email list, but added this notice because of its historical interest, both from a commercial view and from a military supply view.



Binocular List #284: 31 January 2004


Subject: 20X120 navy binoculars

From: JKRVANC@___m

Dear Dr. Carter:  I saw your e-mail about your need for eyelens for your Mk1 mod 3 Navy Ships binocular.   The Mk 1 & Mk2 (with mods.) were not made by Litton.  They were made at the old Naval Gun factory in Wahington D.C. from 1947 thru 1959.  This facility is closed.  The later Mk 3 and mods were made by various companys. most of which are out of business.   However there is a military contractor who repairs all these large binoculars who will talk to you and sell you parts; some even used ones.   That is Atlas Instrument Company and their phone number is 1-717-267-1250.  Ask for Gary or Terry Olson and tell them that Jim Rose  sent you.  Gary is my son in law!

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