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Subject: The Nature Company 8x24 porro compact

From: "Pete Rasmussen" <eyepetes@___as.net>

  I've been hunting similar unusual compacts and picked up this very interesting and potentially rare model.  Is Japanese made and apparently the label company now defunct.  Could not find definitive data on web searches.  There is a company by this common-ish name but seems unrelated.

  Was hoping someone on the list would kindly shed light about the unit and/or label company.  But, like most of us, I'm particularly curious as to the what/when on Japanese supplier to have done the actual manufacturing.

  The small oval inspection sticker reads 104 PASSED JTII, and front surface of focus wheel stamped 06095.  They appear fully coated (some multi-coating perhaps indicated) optics, appear Bak-4 prism, is standard porro not reversed layout, and fully rubber armored body covering.  They are embossed indicating a 7 deg. field but appear to be 60 deg. AFOV not 56!  They have quite good eye relief considering that at approx. 8mm.  Exit aperture is a respectable approx. 14mm.

  The images these babies produce are exceptionally bright and beautifully well resolved!  This in reference comparison to various others I have here. No data yet on light leakage.  There is a series of internal grooves inside behind the objectives.  No prism shielding evident.  There is a bit of chromatic error seen on-axis and some lateral image distortion evident. None-the-less are overall impressive optically and mechanically for

something edging "quality-wise" into the lower end of the binocular products spectrum.

  Anyone on the list wanting to email me for jpegs to use as visual references may do so.

Best regards,

Pete Rasmussen


Subject: Apogee 20x100 $199 + S&H

From: rab <rab5@___ring.com>

  In reply to the $ 199 Apogee 20x100 binoculars, thanks to the images provided in the last Binocular List, I caved in, called Apogee, chatted with the seller and placed my order.

  The images show that the 'multicoatings' are only on just the external lens surface, for 'show', so they can make the claim 'multicoated'. Although the prism housings are marked 4.9 degrees, this seemed highly improbable due to the proportions of the binocular and the size of the eyelenses, and the dealer confirmed that the actual field is closer to 3 degrees. He says the eyerelief is about 18mm.

  Still, an irresistible deal! I'll let you know what I think of them when the arrive. They said they would ship me a pair tomorrow.


  I received my binoculars by UPS ground, only 4 or 5 days after placing the order.

  They appear to be undamaged.

  Set them up on a sturdy tripod and checked them out.

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