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From: "Thomas" <yoo72@___ipex.com>

I have prepared and attach a revised version of my article on early Zeiss numbers. I have introduced a lot of information on features that might help the dating of binoculars together with what I hope is a much more accurate table (Table 2) to assist in the dating of the early Zeiss binoculars.There are also statistics on the last numbers with script writing, last with roman text, details of P Numbers on DF95 and DF6x, information on eyecup construction, physical dimensions etc.

There remain many unanswered questions especially the one that deals with the transition from the first numbering system to the second one (the sequential system)

By way of warning  the Word document runs to 19 pages. The Excel document to 4 pages as previously.

With Best Regards

Thomas Antoniades


The files are posted to:




Subject: Survey of Japanese models

From: Peter Abrahams

Gene Harryman has updated his listing of Japanese made binoculars.


It is getting large enough to be useful & interesting.  This project could really go places if Gene got some more help with it.

Contact him at:  geneharryman@___s.net

See the survey form & instructions for this inventory:



From: "Osborn Optical" <optical-repair@___t>

Subject: USN 20x120's

I think there is a little confusion in regards to Steve Cather's identification of his 20x120's and the follow up by Jim Rose. Steve

identified his big eyes as MK1 Mod 3's,  but I believe they are MK3 Mod 1's.

Jim is correct in that the MK1 Mod 0,1, and 2's were built by the Naval Gun Factory.  

They were followed by the MK 2 Mod 0 also produced by the NGF but were still essentially a MK1.

There is anecdotal evidence that the MK3 Mod 0 was produced by Franklin Instrument Co.  

The next generation was the MK3 Mod 1 manufactured by the Kollmorgen Corp.

Next followed the short lived MK3 Mod 2 built by Kollsman Instrument Corp which was the beginning of the current generation of mounted ship's binoculars.

This was followed by the MK3 Mod 4 built by Optic-Electronic Corp.  

Last of all is the MK3 Mod 5 which has been produced by Kollmorgen and Optic-Electronic.  

Note: the division of Optic-Electronic that produced the 20x120's (and still does) was aquired by Litton, which has itself  been aquired by Northrop Grumman.  

There is very little difference between the MK3 Mods 4 and 5, hence the common designation of MK3 Mod 4/5.  

For those interested, I do have new eyelenses for the MK3 series of 20x120's availible for sale.  Hope this helped.

Regards,  Earl Osborn


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