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Subject: An Interesting Zeiss Optical Instrument

From: Allen Feldman <afeldma1@___ay.rr.com>

I recently acquired an interesting Zeiss instrument which I wonder if anyone can positively identify?  I realize that strictly speaking it's not a binocular, but it does have two oculars! :-)  My best guess is that it's a magnifier, possibly dedicated for a specific use.  It appears to have interchangable eyelenses and features an elastic strap which clearly was meant to be worn around the head keep the instrument affixed to the user's eyes. Any help with a positive i.d. will be appreciated.

URL to an image is:


TIA, Allen Feldman


Yes, that is a Zeiss binocular loupe, circa 1920s I believe, but I don't know the model name.  However, I personally consider it a binocular, there are two entrance apertures & two exit apertures.    --Peter


Subject: About the names of some Carl Zeiss binoculars

From: "Rafael Chamón Cobos" <rchamon@___s>

I read with interest the automatic translation of the article by Albrecht Koehler about the names of Carl Zeiss binoculars supplied by Simon Gunning. Beside the difficulty to fully understand the contents of the article, I am intrigated about the curious names of the following binoculars:

Delturis 8x24 and Delturisem 8x24

Deltrentis 8x30 and Deltrintem 8x30

Delactis 8x40 and Delactem 8x40

The suffix "-is" indicates individual focusing version, and "-em" indicates center focusing verision, as said in the article. The particle "-tur-" indicates "turist" version. The particle  "-trent-" seems to indicate "30". And and the particle "-act-" seems to indicate "8". All this is very confusing. And what about the common prefix "Del-". What should it mean? Is it perhaps related to the word "Deutsch"?

Perhaps can someone of the list add some information?




Many binocular manufacturers used odd names in the first decades of this century.  I believe one of the factors is that orders were placed by cable telegram, and it was desired to avoid confusion or misspelling.

Some of these names will have a meaning, but some are just meant to sound good or be unique.

Or maybe there's a better explanation that someone can provide us.



Subject: Ets Krauss binoculars

From: guus kasteel <guus.kasteel@___>

Dear friends,  I recently found a nice Ets Krauss (Paris)  8x30 French military binoculars (MG =  Ministere de la Guerre, number  3849). Unfortunately it has no  production year on it. It has the  same special feature as the Stadix  model shown in Dr Seegers' book (Ed 1) on page 78, bottom figure: the  reticule is adjustable to correct it to a  horizontal position for  every individual eye-

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