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Here is a list of the items that Deutsche Optik is donating for an auction.  Thanks to Mike for supporting the 'Binocular History Society' in this manner, and email  mike@___heoptik.com  if you want to learn what they are clearing out.

a) WWII Nitrogen Purging Machine in box, British military issue.

b) various framed bits of binocular artwork, including a couple of WWI-era "We Need Binoculars" posters (one British, one American).  These are originals, and I also have some small reproductions as well.

c) A small (but interesting) notebook full of original Carl Zeiss-Jena advertisements, ca. 1920s.

d) Original Carl Zeiss-Jena coffee table book, ca 1970.

e) Dirty (but original) Carl Zeiss-Jena cap.

f) Quite a stack of telescope/binocular literature, including books, pamphlets, reprints, etc.  Some general, some technical.  Some will be of little interest and others quite a bit.

g) Quantity of original WWII binocular parts, assorted items, in WWII-dated packaging.  More interesting than useful...

h) two dozen leather/canvas binocular cases, most in fair condition only but a number of hard-to-find sizes.

i) Variety of ocular rainguards, rubber objective covers, and various other handy rubber/composite parts.


Subject: Meeting in Germany

From: Peter Abrahams

Arrangements for the meeting in Koblenz, Germany, 3-5 September, are progressing nicely.

If you are planning to go (and are fairly certain of your plans), and have no idea how to find a hotel room in Koblenz, please email me.  I cannot be of direct assistance, but I will coordinate efforts.  



Binocular List #290: 12 March 2004


Subject: Binuxit

From: "A. Tenenholtz"

I recently examined a Leitz Binuxit glass, an 8x30 Center Focus binocular.  I was surprised to find a reticle in the left eyepiece as reticles are usually associated with miltary or  marine Individual Focus binoculars. Was this standard, optional  or special order for the Binuxit?    I also examined a contemporary Marseptit, which is free of any reticle.

Yours truly,

Arthur Tenenholtz


Subject: Re: 7x20  D.F. 99 in Italian service

From: "giuseppe finizio" <gifini@___.it>

I am researching the Italian military binoculars subject and I have some problems with a Zeiss monocular 6x30 (similar to that at page 91 of Mr Rohan's book but with the full Zeiss logo).It is numbered 1972211 and I wish to know the production year.Can you help me ? Thanks again for your time and understanding.



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