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case for best protection.

Although the M25 does not have all the best optical properties (perfect edge sharpness, true flat view, or ultra rugged built), its stabilization ability is amazing. The design is ergonomic and the optics is more than enough for a military grade binoculars.  Fraser-Volpe Corporation boasts that the STEDI-EYE M25 removes up to 98% of image motion caused by hand tremor and platform vibration, providing exceptional viewing from all types of moving boats, aircraft and automobiles. I don’t think they are exaggerating.

Special thanks to Earl of Osborn Optical Systems; if it weren’t for his expertise, my broken M25 would still be sitting in the closet.  


Michael Zhou

P.S.:  I think they are current and the company now makes a series of commercial version of it.  I don't have any information on how many were produced or sold and how much is per unit.


Subject: Links, forwarded by Gene Lucas:

Evolution of the opthalmologic industry


John Jacob Bausch 1836-1926


Bio of Henry Lomb and a portrait



Subject: 20x120

From: gordiray@___t

Regarding your USN  20 x 120 x 3.5 deg. :I have several of the Kollmorgen early type with the dovetail mount between the barrels.  I machined extras of the male dovetail to mate it, but in aluminum, anodized.  I have a ig for more of this.  I do not have any of the types with the trunnions on the sides, though I did have a Kollsman many years ago.  I do have a mount for the trunnion types, made by Kegelman Bros. in Pa. for the Navy.  I got itat the local auction here a North Island several years ago .    Had another, also, which I sold.     These have an elevating column and a fork.   Would like to sell or trade away the mount.   They are quite heavy, but good for a permanent or semi-permanent mount on a deck or inside an observatory.  I could meet you halfway sometime, though I am not sure that I shall be able to make the upcoming Tucson  meeting.   By  the way , I have  two of the Parabam 10 1/2 foot diameter domes in storage in Yuma.  These are the type which can be seen in the distance as one drives past/through White Sands/Holloman.   High quality fiberglass.  See on Fujifilm .net  , enter my email address, plus the word"photos" ( without quotes).    

I have the plans for both of the above  binocular types, including optical specs  radii, etc.  The objectives differ, but the eyelenses are the same .  The Navy had lots of trouble and expense with the soft glass there.   The contractors gouge.  Fuji parts have always been much more reasonable.     I have several Nikon 20 x 120, and occasionally a used Fuji 25x 150, and can get new ones.  

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