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Steve Stayton gave us 'A Brief History of Bausch & Lomb Binoculars, 1898 to 1975', a review of the beginning and evolution of B&L binocular models through the end of US manufacture in 1975 with a display of significant binoculars in B&L history.

Fan Tao closed the paper session with an informal discussion of the Univex 6x42 plastic body binocular.

We closed the meeting with an auction of items donated by Mike Rifkin of Deutsche Optik, augmented with items from members.  Proceeds will be used by the Binocular History Society, probably for the purpose of facilitating future meetings.  We welcome input (and volunteers) to assist in upcoming meetings.  The BHS is grateful to Mike Rifkin for the donation, and to Steve Stayton for hosting the meeting.



Binocular List #292: 10 April 2004


Subject: Meetings

From: Peter Abrahams

I was a bit too concise regarding earlier meetings of binocular collectors.

As I wrote, in Tucson, an informal poll was taken regarding numbering of these meetings.  At some point in the future, someone will want to start numbering the meetings: 'The Fifth Meeting of the Binocular History Society'.  Should we start the numbering when we named the group (in San Diego)?  Or should we try to include earlier meetings?  In Tucson, those who spoke up, indicated that we should start the numbering with San Diego, making Tucson the second and Koblenz the third.  We would like to credit those who worked to put on earlier meetings, and a chronology of meetings, beginning in the 1980s I believe, is being assembled.


Subject: BHS meeting in Tucson

From: fantao@___t

I posted some pictures from the BHS meeting in Tucson on my web page:

(home page) http://home.att.net/~binofan/

(direct link) http://home.att.net/~binofan/tucson04.htm

Sorry but I did not take pictures of the mirror lab tour or at Steve Stayton's place.  I am willing to post other pictures on my site, but note I have limited space.

For those who want to see a copy of my P-61 binocular presentation (PDF format), please e-mail me.  

Thanks to all who participated and especially to our host Steve Stayton.

Fan Tao



Subject: 7X50 Kern Focalpin, repair needed

From: "Frederick Schwartzman" <jurisfred@___bal.net>

  I recently bought a 7X50 Kern Focalpin glass with Royal Australian Air Force markings. The diopter adjustment ring needs repair or replacement. Unfortunately, the experienced repairman at Heitz in New York has passed away. It occurred to me that since this glass was used by the

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