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military there must be repairmen or facilities in Australia with experience and possibly spare parts. Can anyone "down under" please provide any information?

Thanks, Fred Schwartzman


Subject: Goerz Serial Numbers

From: jdamodels@___m

  I am trying to construct a serial number database for C.P. Goerz Binoculars. Could list members who own Goerz binoculars please e-mail me the model names, magnification X objective diameters, and serial numbers.

  With a little time and luck, maybe I can confirm what was made when and we can all date our Goerz specimens more accurately.

  I doubt that I will accomplish anything like Seeger has done with Zeiss, but perhaps something can be learned.

  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. My e-mail address is: jdamodels@___m.

Best regards, John Anderson


Goerz was responsible for some important innovations in binoculars, and must have had excellent engineers.  Any new information on Goerz would be very helpful, and I hope John receives much assistance in his project.    --Peter


Subject: 25 x 100, 10 x 80/20deg inclined, B&L 7x 50 wide angle

From: gordiray@___t

   I have the Zeiss 25 x 100 nomograph   , from l970 archival research  while sleeping in my V. W. and showering in the fountain at the Watergate at night.  There were suds in the fountain from others.  I did not see Liddy nor Hunt nor the Cubans.

   Someplace, I have or had, the B&L wide angle 7 x 50 optical drawings.  The body molds had been scrapped a week before I called in the l970's.  I just acquired a nice specimen with case and eyeguard, and am building a counterweighted mount for it today, with eccentrically mounted weight for fine tuning.  After 60 years, the rubber needs some Armor-All or similar.

   I have a nice 10 x 80/20 deg.   blc, which has strange, very shallow rubs on the objectives.    I have been re-reading the Telescope Making   series, edited by Richard Berry, for Kalmbach Publishing in Milwaukee, with an eye toward refinishing these and some Fuji 25 x 150 objectives.  Must upgrade spherometry.    Who can tell about problems/lack of them in getting under remaining layers of the multicoating on the Fuji's?What Microgrits, pH, pre-wipe with chemicals, etc?  Mag fuoride is easy to remove, and the Zeiss  WW II cryolite will come off with hot water, which I learned the hard way.    I met Smakula in l967.

   Does anybody have the radii for the Zeiss 10 x 80/20 deg  inclined .?

--Gordon Rayner



Binocular List #293: 20 April 2004


Subject: Repair; sales

From: "Mike" <mike@___heoptik.com>

Regarding the search for a repair source Down Under, you might try John Kingsford (p/u e-mail address from his recent posting on our Bulletin Board).

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