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 "Northrop Grumman Corporation, through mergers and acquisitions, has integrated the assets and resources of five premier night vision companies into one dynamic division, Northrop Grumman Electro-Optical Systems (NG EOS).

Sales Dept. and contacts   http://www.es.northropgrumman.com/es/eos/sales.htm

Service Dept. contacts   http://www.es.northropgrumman.com/es/eos/service.htm


Subject: New test report from Holger Merlitz

(From the Deutsche Optik bulletin board)

In my latest review I compare the Nikon 8x32 SE with the Fujinon 8x30 FMTR-SX and the Hensoldt Fero-D 16. The report can be found here: http://de.geocities.com/holger_merlitz/nikon8x32.html


Subject: Celestron 25x100 Binos -- 2nd time's the charm;   question on Russian 6x30 binos in plastic case

From: "Lucas, Gene" <gene.lucas@___ell.com>

I recently purchased a pair of Celestron "Sky Master" 25x100 binoculars at an attractive close-out price ($280) at Guild Camera in Phoenix (going out of business sale).   Normally, one would pre-view binoculars when purchasing at the store.....However.....it was late in the day, I was ready to accept the unboxed display pair, when the salesperson brought out an unbroken boxed unit from the back, and for some reason, I declined to open the box more than just enough to prove there was in fact a pair of binoculars in the packaging....My Bad!!!  Unfortunately, when I had a chance to view through them at home (after a couple of days of bad weather!), I discovered that one barrell was grossly out of alignment -- vertically.  I could fuse the images, but they were definitely a headache-maker.  Well, I took them back last Saturday, and charmed the salesperson into exchanging them for a good pair (verified by mounting them on a tripod and viewing through them at the store, this time!!)  So I believe I am going to be happy with this second pair, and it saved me the trouble of having the problem corrected via Celestron warranty service.  These are nicely made (no doubt, Chinese origin), well finished, and include very sturdy double hinge brackets, fore and aft, with a sturdy chrome-plated rod running front to back, and a tripod mounting post that slides and clamps.   Nice rubber dust cups for both ends. The interior and optics are very nicely finished, with baffling grooves to help cut stray light.  Lenses are coated, with a green appearance (under flourescent lighting).  BK-4 prisms.  Fold down rubber cups on the individual focus eyepieces, marked from +3 through 0 to -3.   The focus range (at infiniety) is adequate to cover my -2.5 diopter near-sightedness.  There is no IPD marking scale.  Good quality leatherette covering on the tapered barrells.   There is a nice nylon case with velcro and zipper closures, and a heavy shoulder strap.  Believe me, you need that.  Although there are lugs on the barrells for a "neck" (?) strap, I don't think I will be hand-holding these any time soon, though you can find a center of balance (I suppose, if you work out with barbells!)

Will be trying to get a peek at Comet Bradfield soon with these.  I am working on ideas for a lay-down binocular "couch" with a parallelogram support for these and also my other 25x120 straight-thrus (still under construction--renovation!!)  I think an accessory needed is some sort of peep-sight (beanshooter tube?) to show just what 3 degree area of the sky you are aiming at.  I am working on some ideas for that.  Also, the sliding tripod mount post needs a brass pad under the 1/4x20 clamp screw, to avoid scratching the mounting rod.

I also acquired (from the Guild Photo sale) an "experienced" pair of Russian 6x30 binos in an interesting, somewhat beat up, hard plastic (bakelite?) case with leather straps. This pair had evidently languished for some years in the display case at Guild with a $295 price tag attached (I did not pay nearly that!!) The metal and leatherette work on the binocular itself is in very good condition. The leather neck strap missing from the binocular; the leather case strap is very worn

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