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Gene Lucas



Subject: Russian 6x30

From: Tom and Monica Body <plutob@___a>

The 1940r means it was made in 1940: the r stands for 'gorod' which means year in Russian. The r is g in the cyrillic alphabet.

All the best.

Tom Body

Victoria, BC, CANADA


From: "Gene A. Lucas" <geneluca@___com.com>

Subject: More on Russian 6x30 binoculars

Attached is a Word doc file with pix of my Russian 6x30 binocular, indicating the layout and markings.  In addition to the engraved marking "1940r" on the LH Prism cap, I discovered there is a raised marking molded into the bottom of the inside of the bakelite case, with the numbers "43" and "T2" in a semi-circular design.

To recap some details on the Russian 6x30 binoculars:

Approx. Weight = 1.5 lb (0.7 kg) (without strap, bino only) (note, this measurement made with a scale calibrated in lb/kg, not ounces)

Approx. Height (top of eyecaps to bottom of objective cell) = 5.5 inches (115 mm)

Approx. Width  = 6.25 inches (160 mm)

Case is "D" shape, molded Bakelite, with (worn) leather straps and elastic catch for hinged lid. There are rubberized cushion pads inside lid and inside case to accommodate prism plate shoulders (bino is stored eyepieces down in case).  (See above and attached file for description and sketch of mark.)

(Note, the IPD and focus adjustments will affect these measurements)

Objectives = 30 mm, Exit Pupil = 5 mm

Eyepieces are Individual Focus, Range plus and minus 6 Diopters (marked "5 + 0 - 5" on both eyepiece barrels)

Total focus movement of eyepieces = 18 mm

Deep black plastic eyecups.  Diamond pattern knurling on eyepiece barrels.

Military reticle marks in RH eyepiece.  RH objective end prism shows some slight mottling spots.

Prisms are evidently BAK-4 (round exit pupils).

Well baffled interior.

All optics appear to be UNcoated, slightly dirty but unscratched.

Light colored Engraved marks on LH prism cap (top to bottom):



"Hammer and Sickle" design, with star above, two penta symbols below, left and right  1940r

No marks on RH prism cap.

Assembly screws are round head, with standard straight cross groove, one screw top and bottom on each plate.  One screw on each end of hinge pin.

Screws are slightly rusty, indicating no plating.  (Screws on this example are clean, with no burrs, indicating probably no disassembly.)

Engraved IPD marks on disk, eyepiece end of hinge pin, 56 to 74, nos. "60" and "70"

LH forward bridge casting stamped, european style no. "1"

RH forward bridge casting stamped, no. "7"

Objective cells are not threaded on outside.

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