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Cast strap lugs on bottom of barrels (strap missing)

Barrel castings - "Zeiss" pattern, doubled center round cylinders joined to tapered objective cylinders, flat on each end - are finished in black "leatherette".  Overall shiny black finish.

Prism caps and objective cells are brass, with black finish (scuffed on this example, revealing brass).

Gene Lucas



Word doc, with images, posted to:

http://home.europa.com/~telscope/temp/RUSSIAN%206X30%20BINOCULARS.doc     279kb



Binocular List #296: 06 May 2004


Subject: Rangefinder

From: <mikedenmark@___ele.dk>

Well, I cannot beat that Australian rangefinder, but if anyone needs something of that size...mail me...I have a friend, who has 2 fairly large rangefinders. Basis 3 meter or so.

Michael Simonsen  Mikedenmark@___l.com


Subject: Ruhnke

From Deutsche Optik's forum:  http://www.deutscheoptik.com/forums.php

>>binoculars marked Ruhnke Fabrikal OR Televist 12X. Owner states he was told they were Norwegion WW11 period

Posted by Bjørnar Aule on 05/03/04

Noregion Binoculars

Carl Ruhnke 1874-1922. Founded factory for optic equipments in Berlin 1896.He also had a seperate binoculars factory. Carl Ruhnke was killed in a car accident in 1922. Ruhnke optik still have many branch in germany.


Subject: Nikon

Highlights in Nikon's binoculars and telescopes business

1917 Nippon Kogaku K.K. established, and development of binoculars begun.

1921 Mikron 4x15 and 6x15 compact binoculars manufactured.

1945 Conversion from military to consumer products, concentrating on binoculars production.

1959 Nikon brand name adopted for binoculars.

1964 Look 6x18 compact binoculars released at the Tokyo Olympics.

1976 7x26DCF and 9x30DCF, the first roof prism binoculars, released.

1980 The high-grade 10cm refractive equatorial telescope employing ED glass for astronomical observation released.

1981 Fieldscope released for birdwatching.

1983 Binocular telescope 20x120 III released for marine, surveillance and astronomical observation.

1985 30x80 II sightseeing binoculars released.

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