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Archives of an email list on the history of binoculars. - page 139 / 150





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cag  Swarovski Tirol

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dow  Bruenn, Prerau (Opticotechna GmbH)

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Leidolf  6x30  Wetzlar: left side Leidolf Wetzlar inside a lens,6x30 Superleicht in a lens on the right side.nr 4517 on the hinge.


Subject: US Government reports, listed on a commercial site



Click on the titles below to find US government reports identified by the key word or phrase BINOCULARS.

Visual and Auditory Sensitivities and Discriminations - 03 MAR 2003

A Comparison of Visual Fields with Fixed and Moving Fixation Points. Volume II - SEP 2002

A Comparison of Visual Fields with Fixed and Moving Fixation Points. Volume I - SEP 2002

Diopter Focus of ANVIS Eyepieces Using Monocular and Binocular Techniques - FEB 2002

Construction, Delivery, and Testing of a Flow-Cell to Measure Adhesion Strengths of Hard-Fouling Organisms on Foul-Release Coatings in Hawaii - 11 NOV 2001

The Effect of a Monocular Helmet-Mounted Display on Aircrew Health: A cohort Study of Apache AH MK1 Pilots Initial Report - NOV 2001

Premotor Circuit Topology and Sensory-Motor Pattern Selection - 25 OCT 2001

Visual Search Performance in HMDs with Partial Overlapped Binocular Fields-of-View - JUN 2001

The Effect of Eyepiece Focus on Visual Acuity Through ANVIS Night Vision Goggles During Short - and Long-Term Wear - JAN 2001

The Effect of Helmet Mounted Display Field-of-View Configurations on Target Acquisition - SEP 1999

Rockwell VIPER: Precision Intelligent Targeting System for Conventional Military and Special Operations Forces - 17 JUN 1998

The Effects of Accommodation, Vergence and Pupil Size on Size Estimation - 15 MAR 97

Space Perception with Normal and Prosthetic Vision - 23 DEC 96

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