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Archives of an email list on the history of binoculars. - page 140 / 150





140 / 150

Visual and Auditory Sensitivities and Discriminations - 14 DEC 96

Human Off-Road Mobility, Preference, and Target-Detection Performance with Monocular, Biocular, and Binocular Night Vision Goggles - AUG 96

On the Physiology of Bistable Percepts - NOV 95

Synaptic Plasticity in Visual Cortex. From Synaptic Properties to Membranes and Receptors - 31 OCT 95

Video Method of Measuring Field-of-View of Electro-Optical Devices Versus Eye Clearances - JUL 95

Effect of Eye Misalignment on Ocular Dominance according to BCM and PCA Synaptic Modification - 30 MAY 95

A Comparison of Monocular, Biocular, and Binocular Night Vision Goggles for Traversing Off-Road Terrain on Foot - MAR 95

An Image Quality Analysis of ANVIS-6 Night Vision Goggles - DEC 94

The Effect of Binocular Overlap Mode on Contrast Thresholds Across the Field-of-View as a Function of Spatial and Temporal Frequency - SEP 94

Diffractive Optics Applied to Eyepiece Design - 1994

The Effect of Interocular Distance upon Depth Perception when Using Stereoscopic Displays to Perform Work within Virtual and Telepresent Environments - JUL 92

Appendix A: ARVO Paper. Binocular Viewing Mode Affects Spatio-Temporal Contrast Threshold - 1992

Factors Affecting the Perception of Luning in Partial Binocular Overlap Displays - 1992

Prediction in Gaze and Saccade Control - 13 MAY 89

Optical Tolerances for Alignment and Image Differences for Binocular Helmet-Mounted Displays - MAY 86

Comparison of Effects of Natural Tropic Environment versus Chamber Exposure on Army Materiel - JUN 1984

Horizontal Diplopia Thresholds for Head-Up Displays - APR 1984

Depth from Edge and Intensity Based Stereo - SEP 1982

A Compendium of Aircraft Cockpit Vision Surveys, 1950 through 1980. Volume I - MAY 1981



Binocular List #298: 20 May 2004


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