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All you can do is minimize the loss as much as possible.

From a collectors viewpoint, I am strongly FOR such losses...!!!

If it wasn´t for this friction, which leaves planning debris on shelfs everywhere, I could never expect to find a Zeiss binoculars in mint condition.

All binoculars would be in used condition.

Besides, perfect planning would probably mean, that I could only hold as many binoculars as I presently needed in everyday life.  Any extras would be a loss to the community.

Or may, just maybe, the perfect plan is to keep me, and anybody like me, happy, which means, we will- or must have an appropiate access to binos we like or want.

I am not surprised major business men takes lectures on philosophy. It sure do make a lot of sense.

Just a warning: I know the above is flawed in several places...look for yourself.

Michael Simonsen


Subject: Various

From: Peter Abrahams

Another retail outlet for Nye damping grease is:


This grease is quite expensive but when used in focusers, provides an excellent feel & reduces unwanted travel.

Harold Richard Blackwell wrote on vision in the 1940's & 1950s; and is best known for a definitive paper on the adaptation of the eye to night vision:

Blackwell, H. R., 1946. Contrast Thresholds of the Human Eye.  Journal of the Optical Society of America 36 (1946) 624-643.

I was looking for a paper on coronagraphs at the University of Michigan site, and found a series of engineering papers UM had posted on line.  One of them was about vision & by Blackwell, so I downloaded it, and found some sections on very odd binoculars, including helmet mounted Galileans and the 'Feinbloom contact lens Galilean binocular'.

A direct link to the paper does not work; you have to search for it at the link below; then it is easiest to choose .pdf download, which provides the paper in three sections.  The second section, pp21-40, contains the binoculars.

.  Optics and Vision: Period 1, July 1955 to 31 January 1956.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, Engineering Research Institute, Vision Research Laboratories, 1957.  30pp.   6.3 Binoculars.    http://www.hti.umich.edu/u/umr/



Binocular List #299: 04 June 2004


From: <mikedenmark@___ele.dk>

Finally, I managed to get a picture of a fairly large rangefinder...

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