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6 meter or 19 feet...the picture is a couple of years old, and I have asked for pictures of the interior, if possible...

I don´t know if this rangefinder was placed here by german forces during WWII, or by danish forces after WWII.

A lot of the guns it leads, are old danish ship cannons, made by Bofors in Sweden.

I guess, this is too much for most of us.

Michael Simonsen


Subject:  UAD Co. Ltd.

From: Peter Abrahams

An inexpensive binocular, fixed focus Galilean, was made in red plastic, marked 'UAD Co Ltd; North Barrack Rd., Walmer, Deal, Kent, Tel 03045-2247, NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY'.

What were these used for?



Subject: Steiner M22 serviceability

From: Michael Zhou <systemsarchitect@___com>

Has anyone ever successfully serviced the M22? It has been said that glued Makrolon is virtually impossible to disassemble, not to mention the difficulty of obtaining spare parts. Despite its few known quirks, its large oculars, long eye relief, supple eyecups, comfort hold, and excellent optical properties together still make the M22 one of my very favorite modern glasses. Unused ones are hard to come by and surplus units can suffer from one problem or another ranging from collimation, hazy prisms, N2 leakage, and abrasive grime build-up. If you do service it, or will consider doing so please let me know so I can pass your name along. Your comments regarding this subject are welcomed.


Michael Zhou


Subject: Nye Lubricants

From: geneharryman@___et

Here is a URL for small quantity Nye Lubricants.  

I have dealt with him (Tom Madden) for some time.  Very prompt and responsive.




Subject: Web site.

Military Binoculars: we see them, not the enemy...



Subject: Re: binoculars fixture, collimation procedures

From: gordiray@___t

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