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Subject: Glass

From: Stephen Sambrook <scsambrook@___co.uk>

My thanks to those members who have provided information regarding the glass used in early Zeiss bino prisms.




Binocular List #300: 10 June 2004


Subject: Binocular list

From: Peter Abrahams

This is the 300th 'list', from #1, March 1999.  In a week or two, I will post the most recent lists in the 'archives', on the web site.  (I am away at a meeting, 14-20 June; then on a family trip 1-6 July).

In the last list, I asked a question about an inexpensive plastic binocular.  A large number of replies were received, and I appreciate them.  This makes me aware that there are quite a few people who will answer questions......when they know the answer.  The reason we don't receive many answers on this list, is because no one knows the answers to the obscure questions.  The field of study, 'history of the binocular', is still very unexplored.  I hope we see more progress in the next half decade.

We have a meeting in Koblenz, in September.  There are no other meetings planned.  We would like to have another meeting on the calendar, for the US and for other locations.  Please consider hosting a meeting in your area.



Subject: Japanese binoculars

From: Forslund@___ne.de

I have just bought two Japanese binoculars issued by the Swedish navy.

The oldest one is a Nippon Kogaku Nr.822 333 with rubber armouring only on the objectives. The second one Nr.865669 has full rubber armouring and is marked Nikon. I have always believed that Japanese binoculars were bought after the Zeiss-period to reduce costs. The Swedish authorities bought Zeiss 6x30B  around 1962(army), 7x50BGA(navy and army) and 8x30B(coastal-artillery) probably in the 1970ees. Apparently the Nippon Kogaku is built at about the same time. I know that we have some experts on Japanese binoculars on the list; can someone give me the production years from the binoculars mentioned above?

Regards to you all.

Robert Forslund     


Subject: RE: M22 Serviceability: A paradox or just plain oxymoronic?

From: Steve Harris <sapharris@___ink.net>

The post by Michael Zhou in List #299 posed several interesting issues regarding the Steiner M-22.   Whenever the dreaded topic of "M-22 service" raises its ugly head, I am always compelled to at least lend a few words of hope to those in dire need or at least advise them that there is only

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