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Subject: Prism 12x

From: rhanna <rhanna@___a>

I have here a pair of "Dolland, London Prism Binoculars 12x", circa 1900 (there was a Boer War provenance).  The bodies are aluminium and have oxidised damaging the leather covering.  They require restoration, but are complete and otherwise undamaged.  Objectives are about 20mm.  Free to a good home for the price of shipping.

Robert Hanna


Subject: UAD binoculars


From: <g.hawkins99@___ld.com>

These binoculars are opera glasses from the UK. Even today you can find them. They are mounted at the back of the seat in front of you in a holder with a coin slot. You put a coin in it, 20 or 50p, and the binocular is released. Watch the show, put the binocular back and get your money refunded. The glasses normally have similar text to that which you describe and they are individual to each theatre. For a few pence each you can build up a fantastic collection !!!!!!!!  The quality is rubbish(you can see better with the naked eye) and I would rather have my 20 pence back than keep the binocular.   Gary


From: "JM" <JeanMarie.Devriendt@___.be>

The inexpensive binoculars 'NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY', are in fact opera glasses, put on hire in the theaters all over Britain.  They were attached at the back of the chairs, and one had to put (I think sixpence or shilling) money into the container, to detach the opera glasses.  After the 'show', You had to replace them into the holder.

Kind regards, Jean-Marie Operaglassman

(Jean-Marie sent me some images of older models of UAD binoculars, which I will try to post.  --Peter)

These are some pictures of opera glasses on hire in theaters in Britain, the'gold'-ones(inscribed : £5 reward for information leading to conviction of person found in unlawful possession of these glasses #01010092) (#01010092, has different writing : the property of U.A.D.C. Ltd. for hire in theatres only, must not be removed from the theatre, on one objective tube, on the other, £5 to  £25 REWARD will be paid for information leading to conviction of persons found in unlawful possession of these glasses, and on the other side, persons finding themselves in possession of these glasses are requested to hand them to a police constable, or deliver them to a police station) around the turn of the century, the 'chromé' around 1920, the bakelite brown, somewhat later, and then the bakelite red or black, 'not to be taken away', that I used, to see the Black and white miinstrel show, in 1967, must be from the 1950's onward.

If You want more pictures of opera glasses, not on hire, please say so.

The U.A.D. company is still in business

Kind regards, Jean-Marie Operaglassman


From: Lamburntash@___m

UAD Glass.  A cheap Galillean bakelite glass, available for hire in Theatres (Theaters in USA) by inserting sixpence in slot on the seat in front.

Peter Lamb

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