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  Thanks to Peter Louwman for permission to post these images.


Ahrens, C.D.  On a new form of binocular eye-piece and binocular microscope for high powers.  Monthly Microscopical Journal (1871) 113-115.  

Moritz von Rohr. Die Binokularen Instrumente. Berlin: Springer, 1920.  Page 90, double telescope by Ahrens.

Emil-Heinz Schmitz.  Handbuch zur Geschichte der Optik.  Ergaenzungsband. 1, Das Fernrohr.  Bonn: J.P. Wayenborgh, 1982.  Pages 175-187.

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Binocular List #254.  01 May, 2003


Subject: Repair services

From: Binofixer@___m

Binocular Group Readers,

  I wanted to take advantage of Peter's last posting and let you all know that my optical shop is open for business. For those of you that don't know me, I am a US Navy Opticalman, and use a Mark-5 collimator with all my projects. I can handle anything from a simple clean and collimate to full restoration, compacts to big eye's. If anyone wants references from current bino list members that I do work for. I'll ask their permission for you to get in touch with theses people for their comments.

  Some personal background. I was formerly Captain's Nautical Seattle, Senior Optical Tech (after our famous Bill Cook tweaked my rusty skills back into Mil-Spec range) from 90 to 97. Then developed an optical repair shop and optical testing facility at Orion T&B Center in California form 97 to 2000.

  As for turn around time, that depends on the project itself. The simpler the job, the faster it gets done. No body really wants their work "rushed."

  I'll stop rambling, If any one wants to contact me and discuss repair projects, e-mail me at binofixer@___m.

Cory Suddarth

Suddarth Optical Repair

Servicing Optics Since 1975

205 W. May St.

Henryetta, OK 74437



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