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From: Tvacani@___m

The U.A.D.  galilean glass  was  made for  hire in the  theatre you  can  offten  see  this  glass in the  U.K., the is  a  company   near  deal in  kent  called  the  london  opera glass co  in  sandwich  kent  ,still  going to  this  day.   terry  vacani U.K.


From: "Keith Shackleton" <hkshackleton@___t.com>

I have no knowledge of the company, but what you describe sound like opera glasses which used to be available for hire in British theatres. A small bracket on the back of the seat in front would contain the glasses and this was unlocked with a coin, typically a sixpence piece. NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY was a reminded to the user to replace the glasses in the bracket and re-lock them in place at the end of the performance.

I hope this is helpful.

Keith Shackleton


From: Si <info@___ce.co.uk>

It sounds like a theatre glass or opera,  used theatres in England

regards     Simon


From: Fred Watson <fgw@___.aao.gov.au>

I, too, have seen one of these, but not for a long time. I believe they were provided in theatres, one for every seat, and probably chained to the seat in front! The one I saw was in red plastic too.



From: "Jack Kelly" <jkelly@___mentsales.com>

The red plastic binocular you ask about was made for theaters (or since they were in the UK, theatres).  These were provided at each seat for use by patrons during live performances; opera glasses for the masses.  Some that I have seen are marked with the name of the local theater.  

Regards, Jack


Subject: Glass

From: Fred Watson <fgw@___.aao.gov.au>

> My thanks to those members who have provided information regarding the

> glass used in early Zeiss bino prisms.      Stephen

I didn't keep up with the correspondence on this, but wonder if Stephen saw the early Zeiss Historica article in which John Gould described measurements he'd made of early Feldstecher prisms ("Turn of the century Zeiss binoculars in England", ZH 8(2), p.3, 1986).



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