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  The word " lunette " has 3 significations  , first is  most common it is glasses the others are observation monocular (marine monocular or terrestrial monocular or astronomical monocular ) or a binoculars and in this case we speak of galilean binoculars.

  The Lunettier is the man who built the "lunette " glasses  . Futher more the word of lunettier when you speak about binoculars is i think most pejorative and it was used by manufacturer of prismatic binoculars at the beginning of the 20 th century to describe optic of poor quality

  For lunette d'approche i think that there is no specific signification or maybe in military vocabulary . .(just optic which allowed to be close to an object )

  For the longue vue the meaning is hand held telescope for astronomical , terrestrial or marine use .this word is still in use .

  Maybe you can help me to identify one binocular . Size of the objective 50 mm , magnification almost 8 , reticle on  the left eye piece ( a cross ) and eye piece inclined at 90 degrees.  Probably french but i not see any markings .

Regards      Jean-Laurent


http://home.europa.com/~telscope/temp/bin.Fr.un.id.50mm.8x.cross.reticle1.jpg      395kb

http://home.europa.com/~telscope/temp/bin.Fr.un.id.50mm.8x.cross.reticle2.jpg      343kb

(I've never seen anything like this model.     --Peter)


From: "Lucas, Gene" <gene.lucas@___ell.com>

Subject: Gyro-stabilized "Big Eyes" in ocean survey

The following web page describes 1986-1990 visual ocean surveys of seabirds to also track dolphins, porpoises, and

whales using "25X gyro-stabilized big eyes" binoculars.  There is a photo of a crewmember sighting through what appear

to be 25x100 (or so) straight-throughbinoculars with some equipment underneath, presumably the gyro-stabilizer.  The

picture is too dark to make out much detail.  Can anybody comment or give info on this gyro mod to what appears to be

the standard Litton EOS "Big Eyes" (or maybe a possilbe Russian big eyes)?


Gene Lucas     (17250)


I can't imagine how those could be gyro stabilized; I'd guess it was a mistake in writing up the project.  But there's a lot I haven't seen.   --Peter


Subject: Another Big Eyes news photo & other web pages

From: "Lucas, Gene" <gene.lucas@___ell.com>

Shreveport Times photo (search on "binoculars"in this page to find this one)


Lance Cpl. Jason Black, 21, from Shreveport, looks through a pair of "Big Eyes" binoculars while Cpl. Paul Carpenter,

27, from North Richland Hill, TX, stands on duty at the North East Gate in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Both men are members of

the U.S. Marine Company B, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment based in Bossier City, Louisiana.


Subject: Aother interesting web page with German optics and books

Here is another interesting web page that offers the Seeger books, and a number of interesting surplus German (and

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