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Subject: optical and film supply

From: "David Hoyt" <dghoyt@___m>

  I received my 7x50 optical and film supply co. new york usa. it is mint, in  the original leather case and web neckstrap. it has a small broad arrow under  the name. serial 3757. it apprears to be a quality glass. has the two filters in  the lid pouch. I would be pleased to learn more about this ww2 supplier.  


Subject: Serial numbers

From: <mikedenmark@___ele.dk>

Another short piece of info on serial numbers:

The danish military received two mittlere Blinkgerät 1916 Model II on 6th of march 1918. from Zeiss.

The two monocular 4x20 for these had the serial numbers:941950 and 940124.

Michael Simonsen



Binocular List #259: 12 June 2003


Subject: Hensoldt serial numbers

From: "Phil Anglin" <panglin@___rp.com>

  I am interested in finding  information on the Hensoldt binocular serial number ranges for the various  binocular models.  Specifically for the period of 1930 thru about 1950.

  I am particularly interesting in knowing if Hensoldt started out with a new serial range after WWII. That is did they start at '01" again and go up from there? The reason I ask is because I have encountered many sets of Hensoldt binoculars that I assumed to be pre-war (these were not military coded or deinstglass marked) that bore low 5 digit serial numbers, in the 15,000 to 30,000 range. I have also encountered the same model glasses that were military marked that tend to bear medium range 6 digit numbers (i.e. 300,000 range). I was also curious if Hensoldt assigned a specific serial range for each model that they made. If I could study a sample of say 1000 sets of Hensoldt binoculars I may be able to sort these questions out, of course this opportunity is not likely!      Thanks      Philip


I have not seen any documentation on Hensoldt serial numbers.  If such a list is known, please share it with us.      --Peter


Subject: Old Naval Binoculars

From: "Harry Cavanagh" <h_cav@___l.com>

  Can anyone offer information or help. I have for repair/overhaul an old binocular as follows. The appear to be from a German naval ship. The nameplate/decal has been removed.

Name: FARTGLAS WECHSLER       Inter-ocular distance adjust: AUGEN-ABSTAND

Moderating glass/filters: NACHT       Weight: Approx 10 -12 pounds       Magnification: 20 (?)

  The ray shades can be raised. There is the remains of an adjustable head rest to enable comfortable viewing/eyepiece distance. The eyecups are missing. Eyepieces have individual focus. L/H side has a graticule - a circle with a small (+) plus sign in the centre. There is the letter 'T' engraved on one of the prism housings. There was a graticule illumination which is missing. The R/H side is very dirty and in need of cleaning. L/H side OK. There is an open sight for

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