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quick alignment. The adapter for mounting on a stand is missing. Any information would be most helpful.

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Subject: Russian quality control.

From: <ancohen@___t>

  I have spoken with a number of people who have been involved in Russian industrial production over the years. The crux of the matter is that there was only a military industry.  Essentially only products of military application were made. Design and engineering were generally excellent. The limited availability of materials and modern (not 1930's stolen German or 1950-1990 US tech obtained by espionage)industrial techniques perforce modified those designs. Actual construction was driven by arbitrary quotas for production with no regard for the quality of the final goods. After production the best were sent to the military, the next best exported to client states and the worst kept for domestic, non-military sale. Unfortunately, this model persists. After so many generations of workers used to the shibboleth of "you can't pay me less than I can work" it will take some time to purge (a poor choice of words in the Soviet context)the system and replace it with a modern, western industrial model. This doesn't take into effect the widespread theft and black market industry currently thriving.  One importer of Russian goods tells me he has local inspectors in Russia selecting things for him and he still has to personally inspect and service most items before sale with a 10% rate of salvageable goods-and these are hand selected! As you know I've really liked Russian and Eastern European optics-when they are right they are great and great value            -Arnie


Subject: New binocular development

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  Why not propose to Fuji Omiya an in-house (not Light, etc) 8x60, 9x70  with big  widefield oculars and large Porro II prism?  Maybe even the magnesium bodies they made for Bushnell during the early quality era when that name meant something. One can imagine the 25x150 prism drums and eyepieces mated, as is ,to a reverse engineered objective of about 70mm.  While not quite as wide  an apparent field as the km blc 8x60 variants, the image quality would be better near the edge, and they would be multicoated.  Let us try to patronize this company before they decide to get out or go all-Chinese glued in or Steiner-ize glue-in.  Perhaps they might even stop using the cheap ,brittle auto body filler as prism fixation cement in the subcontracted FMT AND MT.  

  Incidentally, it was my suggestion which sparked the high eyerelief  F series, as competition for the CZ  7x50B, BGA  which used to be the rage among the marlin  and swordfish crowd.       --Gordon Rayner


A very nice amateur astronomer's 10 inch binocular telescope from Germany, made by Uli Vedder:




Binocular List #260: 22 June 2003


Subject: Hensoldt Serial Numvers

From: "Gordon M. Jackson, Jr." <gordonjackson@___t>

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