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This is an interesting line of Porro I, center-focus binoculars.  The Artisem, Splendido, & Dumaris are about 70 degree field.  The bridge between the eyepieces and the center post is not flat, but is arched, in a manner usually thought of as 'characteristically French', so perhaps this characteristic is not limited to French models.      --Peter

6 x 24 Mars.  Leichtmetall.

8 x 24 Hermes.  Leichtmetall.

6 x 30 Spezial. (Reticle)  Leichtmetall.

8 x 30 Spezial (Reticle)  Leichtmetall.

10 x 30 Spezial (Reticle)  Leichtmetall.

6 x 30 Decoris. 8 degree field.

8 x 32 Artisem. 8.5 degree field.

6 x 36 Claro. 7.5 degree field.

8 x 36 Splendido.  8.2 degree field.

7 x 40 Ultramar. 6.3 degree field.

10 x 40 Dumaris. 6.6 degree field.

7 x 50 Orion. 7.3 degree field.

15 x 50 Sirius. 3.6 degree field.


Subject: Voigtländer

From: <mikedenmark@___ele.dk>

In the archives here in Copenhagen, I found a letter here, dated 15. November 1934.

It is an offer of a binocular from a local representative of Voigtländer & Sohn, Braunschweig to the danish army.

The binocular mentioned is a special military model, all metal, black painted overall, without any leather covering.

It has moulded on numbers on the oculars, to make adjustment in the dark easier.

It can be delivered in either black or grey.

The special feature is, that it is completely water proof, and  "can stand even extended time, submerged in water" !

Due to the large production presently, it can be sold at a very favourable price.

The reason for this, is the fairly large orders for this binocular made by the NSDAP.

(National Socialistische Deutscher Arbeiter Partei, )

One note here. In the nazi movement, for some reason, Braunschweig was an important city. I cannot recall the details, but I think the local party was very very active, that a Gauleiter was arrested for criminal activities, and that the riot police had their hands full trying to seperate the different groups from various parties, read: major street unrest.

In view of this, it is concievably that local party groups did order binoculars on a more than modest scale.

So the information in Mr. Seegers book on page 97 (2. edition) Abb 54, top left, is correct.

This binocular is indeed a Voigtländer product. Date is around 1934.

And as mentioned elsewhere:  exist in both black and grey.

Seeger has a picture of a grey item. I myself have a black one.

And the main reason for the odd prism house design is, that it is watertight.

Any collector out there with a spare specimen for a test???

I supply the bucket of water.

Around here, it saw some testing, and a statement on its specifications were made.

This was done on request from the danish representative of Voigtländer.

It must have stirred some interest, as a later dated letter supplied the army with prices for 100 and 1000 pieces.

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