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As far as I can see, no purchases were made.

The actual Bino of this type, I have, was found in a junk shop here in Copenhagen.

Michael Simonsen



Subject: News from D.O.

From: "Mike" <mike@___heoptik.com>

For giant binocular enthusiasts, please note that we currently have one (1) 40x150 and a handful of 20x120s available for sale.  All come from IDF (Israel Defense Force) military stores, and they've been cleaned, collimated, and include tripods and yokes.  Most were made by Kowa, but a couple of the 20x glasses are from Nikon.  Pricing is $4990 for the 40x150 and $3500 for the 20x120s.  Please advise if interested.

Regrettably little progress to report on the new binocular project, as we are starting the summer slowdown in Europe and continuing to battle the falling dollar and rising costs.  However, I'll keep you posted.

s/ Mike Rivkin

   Deutsche Optik


Subject: New models - Deleted models

From: Kennyj2@___m

I have not corresponded for a little while mainly because I continue to have absolutely nothing to offer on "the HISTORY of Binoculars " , and would not wish to be accused or suspected of trying to introduce unrelated topics to list members , which I have been guilty of in the past .

That said , I thought it might be of some interest to someone here to know that Swarovski are bringing out a  ( very expensive ! ) 8 x 32 version of their highly regarded EL series . I have been quoted an introductory price well over $1000.

This quite hot on the heels of Nikon , who last year brought out a 8 x 32 version of their similarly celebrated High Grade / Venturer .

Of course , purely on optical merit , the old favourites Leica roofs and the porro Nikon Superior E continue to be tough acts to beat in the 8 x 32 range .

I for one am pleased that such major manufacturers are evidently so aware of  the desireability of a smaller binocular to be putting so much research and development and of course marketing ,  into such sized units , but still lament the passing of the once commonplace  6 x 30 and 7 x 35 sizes .

Regardless of all theoretical argument to the contrary , even at my age firmly in the "over 50s club " I still prefer a 5mm exit pupil even in broad daylight , and have a hunch that good quality , centre -focus , modern -looking, waterproof , phase corrected roof prism, wide -field models from the top guns in 6 x 30 and 7 x 35 could yet make a "comeback " .

I concede this could be no more than wishful thinking .

I hope someone influencial is reading this :-)       Summertime regards to all -- Kenny .



Binocular List #262: 16 July 2003


Subject: 'Pushing binoculars'

From: Stephen Sambrook <scsambrook@___co.uk>

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