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Furthermore, the communists would, if they knew about our (the danes) presence, most likely, let the french press know about it. suggesting that Zeiss, in contradiction to the peace treaty, still made military equipment.

The Zeiss company wanted to maintain the outmost correctness toward the peace treaty, and toward the entente. A recent report in the french press, reporting that Zeiss made periscopic rangefinders, (see below) resulted in a renewed visit by the Interallied Control Commission (IACC) responsible for the disarmament of Germany, just a few days before our visit.

During this inspection, the company had had, under the supervision of the IACC, to destroy the following either completed or partly finished items:

2000 Periscopic rangefinders (Basis 0.5 meter), 4000 rangefinders (Basis 0.7 meter), 2000 Periscope Binoculars and 800 Range Finders ( Basis 1.25 meter)

The destroyed materiel is presently filling one of the factorys major storage buildings.

These circumstances seems to have depressed the Management and the employees of the company severely, so the conditions for acquiring information was not very good.

We did succeed in solving the most important problem: the repair of the rangefinders, get information on stereotelemeters, and the manufacturing details on how to make graticule plates, and how the work generally was organised in the optical shops.

Finally, I have acquired information on angle meters with built in compasses, which is presently of importance to our commission on Field howitzers, and of light rangefinders that may be of interest to our test companies of the infantry.

Our time was limited, so we could not get deeper into all the details.

I asked the Company, if we could visit them again on ascension day and on sunday may 8th.

The Management said no. We were allready sticking out, because we came on a late afternoon, and to appear on sundays or holidays, would only increase the interest our presence might stir.

Concerning the working hours, I can report, it was 45 hours a week, daily from 0700 to 1445.

We had opportunity to visit the Schott & Genossen glass work, while we were in Jena.

The individual items on the agenda.

Repair of rangefinders:

Zeiss stated that the danish military factories would not be able to make optical repairs on  rangefinders.  Only mechanical ones.

The danish factory should never disassemble a rangefinder, because adjusting one fault would only introduce another.

The mounting must be done in a special sequence, starting with the Ocular, proceding to both sides, and adjustment after each component was installed.

The company had had experiences with the german navy, who in certain cases had repaired their rangefinders independantly. These repaired rangefinders had invariably had to be rebuilt, when they finally were returned to the Zeiss factory.

The new instrument installed in Copenhagen were only meant for verification, not adjustments after repairs. It did make verification easier and independent of the weather.

I replied that the main reason for our visit was to find out how to assemble loose prisms and that the letters from the company had given us reason to believe this could be done with the instrument in question.

The following day, the Zeiss representatives showed a less negative attitude, and after we had described which tests our factory had made, to the head of the Zeiss construction office, he admitted, we were on the rigth track, even though we still didn´t succeed.

The leader of the construction office expressed surprise, that our optical repair shop were so deeply involved in optical repairs, and he flat out stated that he could understand that we wanted to become independant of the repairs from his Company.  After this, we were allowed to inspect the apparatus used at Zeiss  when the prisms of the range finders were installed, and how they

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