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Subject: Reply

From: David Bushnell

  Thank you,Peter, for the good wishes from you and the rest of the "Society".  I'll never forget the joy of meeting all those binocular enthusiasts and would appreciate your conveying that to them.    Happy Days,  David


Today, 31 March, is David's 90th birthday; I sent best wishes on behalf of all of us.  Thanks to Mike R. for reminding me.


Subject: diaphragm

From: "Claudio Manetti" <claudiomanetti@___io.it>

  Michael Simonsen asked: Is the word diafragma known as another word for Graticule?

  Maybe the word "glass diaphragm" is still used and well known among English speaking members. Were it not so, maybe the following message could be useful:

  In a small British book of the War Office, "Elementary notes on optics and their applications to service instruments, 1927", reprint of 1941, glass diaphragm is “ the glass carrying a pointer, graticules or cross-wires”.     Regards   Claudio Manetti


Subject: Ross telescopic sight

From: Håkan Spuhr <customluger@___com>

  I have just bought a Ross telescopic sight.     Is here someone that got some information about it?

  Its marked     Ross, London     Power 15 Riflescope      Its 25" long has a 19mm tube and outside sight adjustments.

  Regards Håkan Spuhr


I don't know that model, and in general on this list we don't get much response about a 'half-a-binocular'.  But this was unusual, so I thought I'd post it.       --Peter


Subject: Too much success

A web site with many reviews of binoculars & other amateur astronomy equipment is 'Cloudy Nights'.  They are experiencing 'too much success'.  I hope our efforts do not come to these problems.  Those of you who are interested in internet publishing about binoculars might find this essay by Allister St. Claire interesting.    http://www.cloudynights.com/open.htm    --Peter


Subject: Reply to list 250

From: Forslund@___ne.de (Forslund)


<From list 250:  I liked the comment on Mr Forsberg´s presentation of Swedish binoculars at the meeting.

Quote: "Robert Forslund showed us more varieites of Swedish military binoculars than anyone thought could exist. "

I have, so far, reached the conclusion that to track down every military used bino type of any given european country before WW1 is a hopeless task....Again and again new models pops up in the archives, either for test, or worse, as allready issued.  Basically, any model available, have been used. >

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