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supervising the installation of the Venlo Factory there. He had become general manager in Venlo in 1925.

The relation to Mr Forstman was established during WWI, as he was responsible on behalf of Zeiss in Berlin, for contract negotiations between the danish military and Zeiss.

When I view the corrspondance, the picture, I get, is one of close contact. Down to bringing along two pounds of butter in 1918, and personal christmas greetings even to junior staff members and secretaries of the Zeiss Berlin office.

The report:

On  sept. 16th 1922, Captain Falking and chief of shop Lembcke are ordered to travel to Nordiska Instrument Aktiebolaget, at Bofors, in order to attend the repair of a rangefinder model 1910, one 1916 and one 1915, last one, which the gentlemen will bring along themself.

The trip to Bofors took place from sept. 27th - oct.10th 1922.

Nordiska Instrument Aktiebolagets fabrik i Bofors.

The factory is installed in a building that belongs to A/B Bofors.

The factory has presently 8 workers employed, and has about the same capacity as the optical work shop of the danish army.  Main areas of work is repairs or assembly of new instruments, made from parts received from Zeiss in Germany, or from the new factory in Holland. The new factory in Holland, which, even though it not yet completed, allready employs 150 men, and mainly produce new items.

The factory in Bofors is lead by Mr. Rothe, who is a former mechanic. During WWI he was leader of the Zeiss repair shop at Wilhelmshafen ( Main harbour for the Imperial german fleet) In this capacity he has acquired an extensive knowledge of repairing, assembly and disassembly of military instruments.

The factory has a weekly worktime of 48 hours, and lately 5 extra hours a week, due to assembly of new instruments for the danish navy.

Average earning for an hour is swedish 1.82. For extra thours this is increased by 25 %.

It seems they calculate with 200% work ( I don´t know what this is)

New items under assembly:

-Danish navy:

2 pcs 3 meter stereotelemeter with periscopic oculars.

2 pcs 3 meter stereotelemeter with plain oculars

2 pcs 1,5 meter do.


4 pcs 6 meter coincidence telemeters, (for coastal fortresses)


Relief binoculars ( either periscope binoculars or stangenfernrohr?)


Stereotelemeters, made in holland, accepted at Bofors.

Periscopes for submarines. Nickel steel tubes to be supplied by Bofors.

the company is presently closing contracts with several of the baltic states, which, like the scandinavian countries and the balkans are considered the main customers.

the dutch factory on the other hand is expected to get deliveries to throughout the world, as it assumingly is build for large scale production.  

Concerning the production of sigthing scopes and other optics for cannons, there appear to have been established a co-operation between the company and Bofors.

Nordiska Instrument A/S office in Stockholm is lead by a swedish engineer, with the assistance of Mr Paul from Jena, who was the Zeiss representative in Paris before WWI.

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