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Report on a trip to Bofors, regarding repair of rangefinders.

By Captain A. Falking.

8-11 january 1923.

3 meter basis.

5 inverttelemeters, basis 3 m, was dispatched from Bofors on dec. 23. 1922, and has arrived in Copenhagen jan. 11th 1923.

The repairs of this type of rangefinder has been finished.

1.25 meter basis.

5 rangefinders are almost repaired, and will most likely be dispatched from Bofors on jan. 15th.

Subsequent repairs has been halted on my order, for the benefit of repairs of rangefinders model 1915. ( 0.7 m basis)

0.7 meter basis.

10 pcs 0.7 meter rangefinders model 1915 that was sent express frm Copenhagen dec. 11th, 1922, was received at Bofors dec. 28th.

The reason for this very long shipment period was not, according to a telephone call I had with them, due to any fault at the danish state railroads.

When I arrived at Bofors, the factory leader was not aware, that he had received the shipment. Against the expressed wish of the danish army quartermaster, he none the less had continued work on the rangefinders with 1.25 meter basis, and with the usual slow speed prevalent in this factory.

I even had to discuss, once again, which repairs the Danish army Corps wanted done on the rangefinders.

The repairs was neither planned, nor started, before my arrival.

The 10 0.7meter rangefinders were then inspected, and it was found that 7, maybe 8 needed new ocular prisms from Zeiss in Germany. As it seemed likely that the repair of all 65  0.7 meter rangefinders will be depending on the main factory in Germany, I pressed for a telegraphic order to Germany for all available ocular prisms and, in case they were not available, for the manufacture of these.

I expressed my deepest dissatisfaction, on behalf of the Corps, to the factory manager, on the way the repair work had been handled so far.   I also asked him to telegraph Zeiss, Jena, to tell them, that we expected all 65 rangefinders repaired no later than medio March 1923.

In case this was not fullfilled, Zeiss could no longer expect to be considered for future deliveries, Deliveries expected, due to the new Law of the danish defense.

The factory in Bofors cannot give final delivery dates, before the end of the month, and not before they have negotiated the matter with Zeiss in Jena.

On the other hand, all work that could be done at Bofors, will begin immediately, and I believe, that now they know, we take this very serious, they will be able to complete the repairs within the time schedule, in as far as Zeiss in Jena can provide the spare parts in time.

The danish army factory ( my comment: he means the technical corps of the danish Army) in Copenhagen must therefore put as much pressure on the main Zeiss factory, as they can.

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