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the binocular center hinge. The glasses are not mis-marked (6X vs. 7X) as the exit pupil is correct for a 7x30 binocular (approx 4mm). There is a serial number stamped in the side of the lower prism cover (79604). I am sure these binoculars are authentic and not a knockoff or counterfeit. Any thoughts from your member list on these binoculars? I believe the serial number would date them post WWI.      --Rich Lane


Subject: Feldstecher Information

From: "Jack Kelly" <binocs@___m>

  I'm getting close to finishing an article on the early Zeiss Feldstecher binocular series for Zeiss Historica but I need a little more information.  I have catalog copies from October 1894, 1896, 1897, 1899, June 1904,  July 1906 and August 1907.  As you can see, there is a big hole from 1899 to 1904 and I would like to ask you to poll you list members to see if anyone has any catalogs to fill these holes.  It would be quite useful to make my work a little more definitive.  In particular, I have found that sometime between 1899 and 1904 the weight of the binocular increased, especially in the 6x model due to a significant increase in the wall thickness of the body castings.(see photos)  This followed an increase in the diameter of the ocular tube which was made to accommodate a larger ocular field lens providing an increase in field of view.  The larger ocular tube fits easily into either the thin or thick walled binocular body so why did they increase the body wall thickness? And when?  The weight of the glass shown in the catalog should tell me when the change was made if we can find the missing catalogs.

Regards,  Jack


The photos:




Subject: WWII Infra-red filters

From: Peter Abrahams

From an earlier list: "Simon Gunning showed me some U.S. military binoculars and one accessory I have never seen.  It is similar in appearance to the polarizing filters that attach to eyepieces of WWII U.S. Navy 7 x 50s, but it is marked 'V.D. Filter, Infra-red, USMC-44, Beck-Lee Corp'."

I found an ad in Sky & Telescope, May 1948, for a similar filter that attaches to the objective of a binocular.  I do not know how IR filters were used in WWII......any clues would be welcome.


See Simon's web site on vintage military binoculars at:   http://www.oemspace.co.uk/bios/index.htm


Subject: Parts available

From: "William M. Beacom" <bbeacom@___.net>

> Part required for B & L 6 x 30

  I have replacement eyecups for pre-war Zeiss and Leitz 7X50 and 10x50 at $16 a pair prepaid. I also have eyecups for 6x30-7X50 WWll binoculars at $12.50 a pair prepaid. I have a very few for 7X50 Spencer at $17.50 a pair Prepaid:  These are all black.     --Bill Beacom


Subject: Eyecups

From: <ancohen@___t>

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