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makes a very nice display.

  Regards, John Anderson  


John sent some photos of some very unusual B & L binoculars that I will scan & post for comment.



Subject: List trivia

From: Peter Abrahams

We recently acquired the 150th list member.

Those of you with web pages know that a really troublesome amount of 'spam' is received when you are publicly on-line like that.  50-80 spams a day is typical.  When I travel, it really gets to be a problem.  So, I'll be experimenting with various anti-spam programs.  I mention this because they all can interfere with normal email.  If you have any problem emailing me.......apologies in advance, and try asking another list member if you wish.

The first anti spam effort is 'Real Time Black Hole Lists' from europa.com, which I just initiated.




Binocular List #269: 19 September 2003


Subject: Carl Zeiss 7x30 Marineglas

From: CARRLANE@___m

  I have a Carl Zeiss 7x30 Marineglas binoculars I have not been able to document in any source. The binoculars are marked "Carl Zeiss Jena" on the left prism housing and "Marineglas 523095 7X" on the right housing. The ocular glass measures 15mm diameter and the objectives measure 30mm. The prism top/bottoms are made from brass. There is an interocular lock at the bottom of the binocular center hinge. The glasses are not mis-marked (6X vs. 7X) as the exit pupil is correct for a 7x30 binocular (approx 4mm). There is a serial number stamped in the side of the lower prism cover (79604). I am sure these binoculars are authentic and not a knockoff or counterfeit. Any thoughts from your member list on these binoculars? I believe the serial number would date them post WWI.

Photos of the Carl Zeiss 7x30 Marineglas Binoculars are at:








--Rich Lane


Subject: B&L Mystery Binoculars

From: jdamodels@___m

  Included in my small Bausch & Lomb collection are three U.S. Navy binoculars that are something of a mystery to me. I can find no reference to the first in any of the books that I have. The second and third, I have suspicions about but cannot be sure of. I was hoping that you of

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