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no information other than it's being an obsolete Bureau of Ships contract. However, my binocular is clearly inscribed "BU. OF ORD." Again, I have seen no example of this binocular mentioned or shown in any books that I have. It appears to have been reconditioned by the government resulting in it's coated lenses and the usual "COATED OPTICS" warning decal. The binocular is labeled as follows:

Left shoulder: "7x50" (later "COATED OPTICS" warning decal is present).

Right shoulder: "MARK XIII MOD.6  NO.4054 / U.S. NAVY, BU. OF ORD. / INSP. H.T.M.  (this is followed by a small anchor symbol on the same line) /  BAUSCH / & LOMB / OPT. CO. / ROCHESTER / N.Y. U.S.A"

Bending bar cap, front: "DES. PAT. 83,934 / SER. UX9763"

  That is all I know. If you or anyone that you know has any information about these binoculars, I would be very grateful. Even your educated guesses would be helpful. My e-mail address is: jdamodels@___m. Thank you very much.  

 John Anderson


John's first binocular has been noted by list members; it was a (relatively) inexpensive model introduced by B&L while they were manufacturing under Zeiss license in the very early 1900s.  They are scarce & very little is known about them.

The second model, a 10 x 50, is an odd configuration that might be new to me.  I posted an image and welcome feedback:

http://home.europa.com/~telscope/temp/B.&.L.10x50.USN.J.Anderson.jpg      56kb

The third binocular is a standard Mk 13 Mod 6, but marked Bu Ord instead of the usual Bu Ships.  I'm not sure how significant this is, but any ideas are welcome.       --Peter


Subject: Count Von Zepplin with binoculars

From: "Lucas, Gene" <gene.lucas@___ell.com>

Can anyone identify the binoculars in this on-line photo of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin?

   -- Gene Lucas

Title: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, airship designer, 1910.



They look like a generic field glass to me; but a great photo nonetheless. --Peter


Subject: SKK

From: "geneharryman" <geneharryman@___s.net>

  There was a Japanese binocular made in Occupied Japan and for a while that after labeled 'SKK' imposed over several different graphics at differnt times (prisms, Mt Fuji, etc.).  At one point it was imported to the U.S. by Orient.  If one looks on the "J" listings, there are multiple possibilities for this "SKK" acronym.  If anyone knows which Japanses optical company (not marketer) used this as a logo I would be appreciate it if you could let me know.

  Thanks - Gene


Subject: Bakelite

From: "Nyman Sven-Olof SIV MTA" <sven-olof.nyman@___and.se>

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