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Subject: Sold at Christie's

  If we have any subscribers to the instrument catalogs issued by Christie's auction house, I would be interested in a scan of the catalog entry for the following; perhaps we could have a translation made:

"Christies....maritime sale in May....included a large pair of bridge binoculars removed by a Royal Navy boarding party from a Japanese destroyer which surrendered in Penang harbour in September 1945.  In the box, a document in Japanese dates them to 1929, a period when Zeiss of Germany was supplying optical instruments for the Imperial Japanese Navy."  --Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society #78, September 2003, p30.


Subject: 98 degree apparent field

Orion telescopes, in California, www.telescope.com , is advertising an 'Expanse 7 x 32' with 14 degree field or 98 degrees apparent field, at $119.  They look somewhat similar to the Bushnell 7x32 Xtra Wide, which is 13 degrees = 91 degrees AFOV.  I like this binocular, though the outer portions of the field of view are as fuzzy as you'd expect & eye relief is minimal; but distortion is quite low, close focus is about 8 feet, and they are comfortable to use.  The Bushnells use a mirror immediately behind the objective, then a prism, then a mirror to the eyepiece, resulting in a very compact system with major problems with stray light.  It is easy to remove the objective lens to see the optics, and I'll look forward to hearing about the 'Expanse'.      --Peter


Subject: Zeiss Conquest

From: Arthur Tenenholtz      <tenenholtz><at><adiglobal><dot><com>

  Does anyone have any information on Zeiss Conquest binoculars?  A web seller is advertising them as being available in December, with a price point between the VictoryII and the Diafun lines.  The Zeiss USA web site does not seem to have any information.   Arthur Tenenholtz


http://www.binoculars.com/series.asp?SID=2962           8x30, 10x30, 12x45, 15x45


Subject: Hamica

From: <mikedenmark@___ele.dk>

Just a short question.  Does anyone know a "cyclop" type binocular made by Hamica.?

Large single objective tube and two oculars.  Sharpness or magnification is motor driven.  Most likely late 1970ies.

Michael Simonsen  Mikedenmark@___ele.dk


Subject: Fw: 7x50's

From: "Mike" <mike@___heoptik.com>

  I thought your readers would find the following of interest.  The first is a new wide field 7x50 that Miyauchi is in the process of completing.  It's a rather stubby design and I don't know how it will work in the hand, but first samples should be available shortly.  The other is a new ED eyelenses and a Chinese-made biocular spotting scope, are being imported by a long-time British optical distributor.  In particular, the spotting scopes have already achieved some distribution here, but their miserable mechanical quality has made them a difficult sell.  However, a re-design is underway and next year might see a kinder gentler model.

Also incoming from Sweden: some interesting WWII Panzer tank sights by Carl Zeiss-Jena.  More on those shortly.

best/ Mike Rivkin         Deutsche Optik          www.deutscheoptik.com


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