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(2) the 70mm objectives were left unmasked but exit pupil was masked down to 3mm.

(3) the 10 x 70 was left unaltered but looked through with 3mm eye pupils .

I apologise in advance for the rather inefficient way I may have presented this question , but PLEASE can someone clarify this for me ?

Appreciative thanks in advance -- Kenny .


Subject: Link to big Zeiss binocular restoration

From: "Lucas, Gene" <gene.lucas@___ell.com>

  Here is a link from the Everglades Astronomical Society (Naples, Florida) web pages to a photo of a big Zeiss binocular restoration by Joe Lavigne of the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium in Fort Myers, Florida.  Caption indicates they are a pair of 1930s Zeiss 4HF12 binoculars (photo is at bottom of page):

http://gator.naples.net/clubs/eas/calusa_nature_center.htm <http://gator.naples.net/clubs/eas/calusa_nature_center.htm>

After the meeting, Joe Lavigne took us behind the scenes to the planetarium workshop where he has finished restoring a pair of Zeiss 4HF12 binoculars (orig. construction 1930). They are made of cast metal and weigh over 100 lbs. Joe has worked on them for three months.



Binocular List #274: 27 October 2003: Nikon binoculars


Subject: Nikon

From: Peter Abrahams

I received an email from Hans Braakhuis, a member of the Nikon Historical Society, who is working on a presentation on the history of Nippon Kogaku, for the NHS meeting in Tokyo 23 February 2004.  He has assembled the largest listing of Nikon binoculars that I've seen.  He is intending to publish a brochure at that time, on a variety of Nikon products and the company history.

Hans is hoping to expand his binocular list before publication, and agreed to permit me to send it out to the list, in hopes that we could add to it.

If you know the model name, magnification & aperture, year of introduction or production, and any notes, for Nikon binoculars not listed below, please respond to me & I will organize the data, re-post it to this list, and send it to Hans.  This can be for a single example or a range of models, and incomplete data on unusual models can be helpful as well.

I believe that this type of work can be influential in opening Japanese sources to exchange of information.

Thanks for assisting in this project,

Peter Abrahams

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I.   Nippon Kogaku production list 1917 - 1948


|Product   |year|        |name    |type                                  |


|binoculars|1946|2x25.5  |Capella |                                      |


|binoculars|1925|3x12    |        |                                      |


|binoculars|1945|3.5x25.5|Spica   |                                      |


|binoculars|1921|4x      |Mikron  |                                      |


|binoculars|1945|4x      |        |Compact dach series                   |


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