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from competing companies pedeling small telescopes. Finally, we must sadly report that an optical engineer from the University of Arizona died today of a heart attack while feverishly trying to find an optical industry definition for “reach.”  





Subject: Bushnell advertisement

From: Peter Abrahams

Some time ago, David Bushnell gave me a 78 record, circa 1950, that was a recording of a radio advertisement for binoculars, made by a disc jockey to show the effectiveness of radio advertising (and it did result in some sales).  I finally found a friend with a sound card that can digitally record such things.  He even cleaned it & reduced the noise level.

It mentions the new booklet, 'How to Select Binoculars'; 'precision German engineering'; price $17.95; address, 'B, Sun Valley, Calif.'

....and the interesting comment, related to the Korean War:

'due to unsettled world conditions, binoculars may not be available to civilians very much longer....if conditions become as critical as they were in 1941, it may be five to ten years before binoculars become available again'

I posted the file:


.....this is a one megabyte file, and if you click on the above link, it will open in your web browser.  It often works better to go to the directory:


......and find the Bushnell link, then right click on it to 'save as', then save it to your disc.

Then, if you click on it, and if you're using a fairly recent version of windows, it should start playing in 'media player'.

If you have a mac or an old or tempermental windows computer, this might or might not work.

This is a 'wma' file, which is window's version of mp3, the more universal music file format.  If anyone can convert the file to mp3, and hopefully reduce the file size to a minimum (with clear sound).....that would be appreciated.




Binocular List #278: 01 December 2003


There are two meetings planned in 2004 for binocular historians & collectors; I hope to meet many list members at these gatherings.  Previous meetings have been very productive.  'Stay tuned' for more details.

Tucson, Arizona  March 20-21, 2004.

Germany, September 2004.


Subject: Revisiting the M-22   

From: "Steve  Harris" <sapharris@___ink.net>

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