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    Special Offer

The following is a selected listing of binoculars from an estate near Washington DC.  .  This list is being made available to a small number of advanced collectors before being offered to our customer list at large.  The first price shown is the item as described, and the second price (in parenthesis) is with full reconditioning performed by our optical shop.  

1.  Carl Zeiss-Jena 8x60, “blc”, #2161273, porro II prism, black body, w/ Benutzer strap

      and bottom nitrogen ports, missing eyecups (one eyecup ring dented) but body near   

      xlnt, diopters stiff, optics cloudy but intact.  Price $3950 ($4525).

2.  Carl Zeiss-Jena 8x60, #2161705, porro II prism, black body w/ flared rubber eyecups,

bottom nitrogen ports, body showing wear, diopters need lubrication, optics dirty but intact.  Most of the difference between #s 1 and #2 is in the eyecups.  Price $4250 ($4750).

3.   Carl Zeiss-Jena 8x60, #48843, internal focusing, porro-I, tan (primer) body color w/       

     aluminum hinged fold-out eyecups in good condition, small chip at edge of r/h

     prism, l/h objective showing slight separation, optics dirty but otherwise intact.  

     Price $4000 ($4600 (prism chip will be blacked out)

4.   Carl Zeiss-Jena 8x60, #49236, internal focusing, porro-I, tan (primer) body color w/

     alum hinged fold-out eyecups, fairly nice body condition, optics dirty but otherwise

     intact. Price $4500 ($4975)

5.   Carl Zeiss-Jena 7x50, #62496, internal focusing, porro-I (Rohan model 3), tan color,   

      xlnt rubber top and bottom rubber armor, fold-out eyecups intact, optics slightly

      cloudy but intact.  Price $2650 ($3025)

6.    as #5 above but earlier pebbled finish model, #40165, all rubber intact but paint not

        nice, optics, dirty but intact.  Price $2500 ($2875)

7.    as #5 above but later smooth finish model, #62300, missing left fold-out eyecup,

        bottom rubber split but intact.  Price $2200 ($2575 – sorry, no replacement eyecup)

8.    Ross 10x70, AC2010 (Seeger 1st ed., p. 305), porro-II “Captain’s Sight”, the largest

      hand-held glass in any arsenal during WWII, complete w/ rubber faceplate, bottom

      nitrogen ports, coated optics (“B”), dated 1938 w/ Ross/London markings, some

      wear to cosmetics but generally very good, optics cloudy but intact.  Price $1800


9.   Barr & Stroud CF 46, unusual 15x60 CF model introduced in 1949, large oculars,

     coated optics, beautiful cosmetic condition w/ near-new chocolate brown case,

     slight haziness to optics but otherwise intact, appears un-used (except for minor

     wear from storage.  Price $850 ($1125)

10. Leitz (“beh”) 7x50, porro-II model, w/ flared rubber eyecups (stiff but intact), near

     xlnt condition, top markings include Eagle, Kriegsmarine “M”, North Sea “N”, serial

     numbers, and coated “T”, w/ gorgeous long-hooded black leather case, this also in

     excellent condition (no shoulder strap), stamped Eagle on top of lid, “beh” mark and

     (1942) underneath, both filter sets in place on underside of hood, optics cloudy but

     intact.  Price $1600 ($1950)

11. Leitz 7x50, porro-II, with top and bottom armor, rubber ocular covers in good shape,

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