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me know before too much time passes.

Tucson is the center for optics and astronomy in the U.S., and there is much to do: touring Kitt Peak is a highlight (Mt. Graham is closed in the winter).  We hope you can join us.         --Peter


Subject: New Zeiss Historica Articles

Congratulations to Jack Kelly for writing a very good overview of the early binoculars produced by Zeiss, with excellent photographs.  And to Nick Grossman for a text on the Zeiss affiliate Nedinsco, Venlo.  These are both found in the new Zeiss Historica, a biannual periodical that has had some very useful coverage of binoculars.  You can subscribe at:     http://www.zeisshistorica.org/   

Kelly, Jack.  Zeiss binoculars - The early years.  Zeiss Historica 25:2 (Fall 2003) 2-8.

Grossman, Nicholas.  Carl Zeiss in the Netherlands.  Zeiss Historica 25:2 (Fall 2003) 9-10.


Subject: Marox 8x32

From: guus kasteel <guus.kasteel@___>

  Since a few weeks I have added to my  collection an almost as new Moeller, Wedel Marox 8x32, serial number 3111030,  with an original pristine leather box with it.  I do not understand the function of the plastic knob on top of  the central hinge; is it just a cover for the tightening screw underneath or has  it some kind of purpose to it. It comes off very easily.

If  hardcopies of a Marox catalogue would be available, I will of course reimburse  any cost for mail and copying!

 best regards  Guus


Reprints of old manuals are always deserving of a space in this list, and D.O. has a couple of new ones.  The Gregory book is also worthwhile:


Handbook of Overhaul Instructions with Parts Catalogue, 7x50 Binocular Mark 41 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.  30 pages, fascinating reprint of this restricted wartime document showing technical details of the legendary wide-angle Mk 41, includes chapters on description, operation, service, testing, tools, and parts, lots of diagrams and procedures, much applicable to a variety of different glasses,  Price:$ 20.00

Opticalman Training Course, Bureau of Naval Personnel, 649 pages, re-print of compete 1966 manual for Navy OM (Opticalman) rating, incredibly comprehensive course covers basic theory and step-by-step repair/maintenance for all types of optical instruments    Price:$ 60.00

Notes on Binoculars and Their Use, R.C. Gregory, 2003, Amwell Books (U.K.), 118 pages, an interesting little book by this long-time British collector, offers detailed history, opinions and data on many collectible models, lots of b/w photos for flea market ID, also includes most helpful market value and info on various hard-to-find makers, spiral bound.     Price:$ 40.00


Subject: Replies

From: "William Cook" <billcook50@___l.com>

To Kenny, Craig, Arthur et. al.:


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