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From: binofixer@___m

As for the Fujinon Universal Binocular machine, I liked having one at my disposal (when employed at Orion). It is espectially fast when collimating todays generic prism-side-push-screw style prevelant on today's (China) market. It does have it's frustration levels when trying to collimate an objective essentric (Fujinon) style binocular. If the lens and rings are easily turned, the lens drops down on the support glass because of gravity and lens weight (lenses are normally recessed, retainer rings and spacers) by a distance out of focus (refocus) range. Also, in my case, the largest glass I could stuff into the machine was a 70mm. Anything larger would not fit.

As for the discrepancy in Increments, I can only assume that the poorly translated manual that came with the machine was in error. Discrepancy or not, I'd love to have one again.

Cory Suddarth

Suddarth Optical Repair


Subject: James C. Wyant web pages -- interactive stereo plots of Zernike functions, Penta Prism, etc.

From: "Lucas, Gene" <gene.lucas@___ell.com>

(This note is about binocular or "stereo" vision, and a little bit about optical testing.)  

Here is an extremely fascinating set of web pages by Dr. James C. Wyant at the U. of Arizona Optical Sciences Center in Tucson.  I initially ran across Dr. Wyant's pages while looking for material on optical testing.  He has several good "short courses" (PDF files) on interferometric testing methods on these pages (for the technically inclined).

In addition, he offers a series of pages with color stereographic plots of various Zernike functions (math functions useful in evaluating optics, such as Airy disk patterns) and other math functions.  These can be adjusted to give stereo pairs (for those who can fuse the images), and some of the patterns can even be set into motion!!



Here is an interactive "stereo" plot of a Penta Prism.  Place your cursor on the image and you can drag it to various orientations to demonstrate how the prism inverts the image.




Gene Lucas



Subject: Gyro-stabilized binocular operating instruction

From: Michael Zhou <systemsarchitect@___com>

I have a question reguarding the operation of gyro-stabilized binculars such as the Fujinon Stabiscope. If you know someone who is well qualified

to answer this, please foward.

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