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Subject: M-22 & etc.

From: gordiray@___t

  What about the Kamakura Koki  "Fujinon"  M-22?   The M-19 was/is a bad thing for the Army.  At the SPIE convention, I spoke with Paul Yoder, who was involved with this thing along with Shenker, Tronnier  ( same as WW II 25 x 105 Schneider Goettingen ), at Frankford Arsenal.  Are there modern adhesive engineering methods which could  have saved the M-19? Or did Bell and Howell and /or Elcan have flawed curing times or????

  So now, we are faced with the throwaway concept , because of the Army/USMC bad experiences with the M-19  , and the  Katsuma types with the brittle gray glue which has no place in a military binocular(unless you want to sell more later, as did Tasco ) Of course Swift,Baker, etc were also selling these to the marine market for many years.  I have about 50 of the Katsuma-Tasco from Camp Pendleton, all with prism damage after the brittle gray glue cracked, allowing motion in the sloppy prism- to- seat fits.  I always reinforce these and all of even the top of line Fujinon (Light, Kenko, etc)with 3M5200 fast cure or one of the Simson -ATO Findly  glue-sealants, which are tough and resilient.  There are similar types available with UV cure, as the manufacturers know.  But they want to sell more later.  Why don't we go to the next Shot Show or one of the Army shows and educate them, before the govt starts buying  Chinese junk that is out of collimation right out of the box. (CF on marine binoc?????)    ? Show WWII types too.

  The Shot Show and NAB  are simultaneous, at least approximately, in Las Vegas in mid-February. Most of the importers are there, sometimes Chinese factory reps.  Some of the collectors should cover the WW II markings and just show some of the reps what good stuff is, (preferably without increasing pressure on existing supplies).

--Gordon Rayner


Subject: Fuji UBMM

From: Binofixer@___m

  I have a 6" f/12 mirror that isn't polished yet, a Japanese 20x120 (submarine type) that I'm converting to aluminum and eliminating the 3/4" thick steel casing, that isn't finished yet, a Boston drive with DC motor to upgrade my lens grinding and polishing system, that isn't done yet. So for now instead of adding another project to my list of things not done yet, I'll poke along with my Mark-V. Fast, no. But with a ten inch aperture, I have yet to find a glass too big to plop in front of it.


Suddarth Optical Repair


The forums on the 'Binoculars of the Armed Forces' web site are getting more active:



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Re: Zeiss radioactive EDF

Posted by Holger Merlitz on 11/27/03

The EDF came in 2 versions: The EDF 7x40 oB ("ohne Beleuchtung" = no illumination) and the standard 7x40 with tritium generated light. The illuminator is a small hollow tube with a tin-sulfide coating on the inner wall. The tube is filled with tritium, the beta decay releases electrons that excite the tin-sulfide layer and produce light. The EDF with illumination has a lever next to the

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