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The Challenge

PTX Food Corporation was operating under an outdated software system that required manual data-

entry and




inhibiting their ability to manage new growth.

The Solution

Preferred Logic managed the implementation of Sage Accpac to increase functionality of reports and efficiency of the business operation.

The Result

PTX Food Corporation has seen cost-saving benefits as a result of the efficiency

and accuracy of system, allowing

the for

growth in sales and the ability to provide a greater level of customer service.

Success Story

PTX Food Corporation Finds a Winning Recipe with Preferred Logic

PTX Food Corporation has been a leader in the food industry since 1972, specializing in the development of natural products to enhance the flavors of some of our most popular snack foods, marinades, salad dressings, beverages, spices and more. In addition to their wide variety of flavor enhancers, they specialize in developing shelf-life extension ingredients without the use of synthetic preservatives. Their customer base includes some of the top names in the food industry including Kraft and Nestle, not to mention numerous other small to medium-sized companies.

Their team of 11 employees is based out of offices in New York with an additional processing plant in Louisville, Kentucky. While growth in the industry is contingent on the creation of new and innovative flavors, PTX Food Corporation embraces product development to increase their already expansive selection of custom ingredients. A brand new, state of the art fermentation and processing facility has positioned the company to dramatically expand sales over the next 5 years.

As PTX Food Corporation began cooking up new growth, the need for updated technology became apparent as manual data entry and record keeping could not meet the rising demands. In an effort to improve customer service and provide greater efficiency for their operation, PTX turned to Preferred Logic for a new recipe to greater success!

The Old System Left a Bitter Taste PTX Food Corporation had been using an out dated DOS based Accpac program when they recognized that their existing software system wasn’t functioning as a useful business tool for them any longer. Prior to the new system, all of the reports had to be completed manually, the checks had to be type-written and the sales histories were challenging and time-consuming to find. Not to mention that the inventory tracking and reporting was managed by doing manual input in cumbersome spreadsheets and invoices had to be processed by hand. Cathy, an account manager for PTX Food Corporation acknowledged that “we needed to become more efficient and take advantage of more current technology.”

As a result, they turned to the experts at Preferred Logic who provided PTX Food Corporation with a well-rounded Sage Accpac software solution that was able to computerize all of the operational functions of the business.

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