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70% response. With the first mailing, KY PRAMS’ project has received a 50% response! A second mailing with FU phone calls to finalize responsesend of February. Then begins the evaluation process and analysis of the handwritten comments. Will supply wealth of information for use in parenting issues.

  • CDC: Smoking is the single most preventable cause of all perinatal and maternal health problems.

  • Anthem Foundation: Anthem will spend $240,000 in the 9 counties of the KY River District with case managers tracking smokers one-on-one, and offering counseling. Desire to provide a positive environment is what sets this project apart. According to the British Journal of Medicine: motivation is the weakest link to quitting smoking. The level of a smoker’s addiction was found to be the most important key to quitting.

  • ACOG: It’s not that smokers don’t want to quit, but they are addicted and need a positive environment to overcome their addiction with the help of: nicotine replacement therapy like Cooper Clayton classes, the 5 A’s program, ACOG materials and behavior changes. Connie White chair of the KY ACOG group is concerned about pregnant smokers. The QUITLINE has received calls since it’s implementation but almost no pregnant women have called. There’s a small grant to address this issue. Physician offices would offer a self- survey completed by pregnant patients as they wait in the lobby. Office clerks would screen the surveys upon completion and place the appropriate educational materials in her chart. When the physician receives the chart already flaggedhe or she then spends only 30-60 seconds advising the pregnant mom to not smoke and providing the written materials. Connie will speak during the National ACOG conference February 11, 2008.

  • National Forum: Dr. Shepherd serves on the Quality Indicators’ committee where smoking and pregnancy is also on that agenda.

  • GIFTS: Giving Infants and Families Tobacco Free Starts

  • FEMR: Perinatal task force is redoing guidelines for the fetal infant mortality review (Stillbirths and fetal deaths after 20 weeks). Want to know what happened before she delivered.

These are all important maternal and perinatal health issues. Time, staff and money are tight, but we all push ourselves beyond our limits, because it’s important to do so.

Statewide in KY 26% of all pregnant women are smokers. KY ranks 49th in the nation with West Virginia 50th. Some of our counties have 50% of all their pregnant women smoking, and not a single ADD district has a county ranking at the national level.

Dr. Shepherd was asked if there have been any changes with the new Governor in office and also about any rumored budget cuts? Janie Miller has been appointed to the Office of the Secretary, as has Steve Nunn, serving as the new Deputy Secretary. It is expected that budget cuts will be made across the board.

Committee Reports:

  • Community: Diane Sprowl reports that the BRDHD website lists restaurants that are smoke free and that many of their county health centers’ boards have recently elected to have smoke free campuses. Discussion occurred from the group about


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