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Forming, Erecting and Sealing Solutions for Secondary Packaging

The roots of SWF Companies can be traced directly back to the produce industry some 50 years ago, as the very first SWF machines were designed to automatically nail wood boxes together and those boxes were then used to package and ship produce. In the mid 1960s, SWF converted those nailing machines into machines that formed and glued corrugated boxes.

Operating Speed: Bliss / tray forming: Up to 60 cases / trays per minute Case erecting: Up to 45 cases per minute Case sealing: Up to 50 cases per minute

Package Types: Hundreds of case and tray styles for any industry

Through a series of technological advancements, design improvements and strategic acquisitions, SWF now has well over 8,000 forming, erecting and sealing machines operating throughout the world.

Today, SWF Companies’ forming, erecting and sealing solutions are known worldwide and include a vast array of tray, bliss, RSC, HSC, FOL and RPC package designs. These systems provide versatile automation solutions for any budget and are capable of forming, erecting and sealing hundreds of common and unique package designs.

TF 400V Compact and Portable Tray Former

Because many SWF machines were originally designed to package produce, they feature small

footprints for easy portability and work extremely well within harsh production environments. Simple, yet rugged designs make these machines easy to operate, easy to maintain and perfect for a variety of industries.

Features: Extremely portable (compact design) Quick changeover Simple, easy to operate design Easy blank loading Push button controls Rugged construction Horizontal or vertical forming

BF 400V Bliss Former Accomodates Hundreds of Case Designs

Advantages: Accommodate hundreds of case / tray designs No external air requirements (tray and bliss formers) Numerous available options Small footprints Flexibility Ease of operation Patented technology

Models Include: BF 400, TF 200HL, TF 400, TF 600H, CE 100 , CE 109, CE 151, CE 201, CE 601, EL 500, RS 350, CS 100S , CS 200, CS 300, CS 300B, CS 430TB, CS 440, VL 480

Primary Markets Served: Produce Poultry, Meat & Fish Dairy Prepared Foods Baked Goods Confectionery

CE 151 High Speed Compact and Portable Case Erector

CS 300B Bag-In-Box Case Sealer

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