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Case and Tray Packing Solutions

Through various acquisitions, SWF Companies’ case and tray packing solutions date almost as far back as our forming, erecting and sealing systems…well over 50 years. Diverse in our offerings, with machines often customized to an application’s exact specifications, SWF’s case and tray packers are suited for the most simple and the most complex applications.

SWF’s case and tray packing solutions can be designed as stand-alone systems, or integrated in various “modules” to form a complete opening, packing and sealing system. For example, our pick-and-place packers are easily integrated with an SWF case erector and sealer to form a complete packing system, while our case openers/sealers (OS Series) coupled with our case loaders (CL Series) also form a fully

integrated case packing system.

WP 100 Compact Wraparound Case Packer

Capable of packaging a wide variety of products including bags, pouches, tapered cups, boxes, cartons, bottles, converted paper products and more, SWF’s case and tray packers offer unique and gentle

product handling features. These converging, diverging, accumulating, lane dividing and positioning features enable SWF to handle difficult pack patterns, various case and tray sizes and work in conjunction with a wide array of upstream packaging equipment.

SWF case and tray packers utilize several packing methods, including wraparound, drop, pick-and-place, pivot, end, bottom and side load and often feature the latest in robotic and servo technology. Furthermore, many of these machines have ergonomically advanced features to make case and tray blank loading quick and easy.

PL 200 Pivot Loader for Stand-up Pouches

Operating Speed: Up to 30 cases / trays per minute

Product Types: Various products packaged in cartons, bottles, bags, pouches, tapered cups, boxes, cans and a wide variety of converted paper products

Features: Multi-tier stacking capabilities Quick changeover Rugged and reliable construction PLC controls Easy case / tray blank loading Flexible pack patterns Customized designs

Advantages: Broad range of case and tray styles Advanced product handling capabilities Compact designs available Advanced servo technology Stainless steel construction (optional) Automatic case / tray positioning Simple line integration Ability to handle large and small products Patented technology

Models Include: TL Series, OS Series, CP Series, CL Series, FF & BN Series, AS 100, BL 800, BP 525, DL 100, DP 160, DP 320, PL 200, PL 530, WP 100, WP 300

Primary Markets Served: Baked Goods & Snack Foods Converted Paper Dairy Prepared Foods

TL 100 Pick-and-Place Case Packer

CL 100C Semi-Automatic Case Loader

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