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Horizontal / Vertical Cartoning and Specialty Container Packaging

Our Tisma Division provides an extensive array of horizontal/vertical cartoning and specialty container packaging solutions. From compact and portable semi-automatic cartoners, to machines capable of speeds greater than 1,000 packages per minute, these systems are mechanically simple yet sophisticated to keep pace with today’s changing production requirements.

For over 25 years, Tisma has been known throughout the world as an innovative packaging solution provider for a wide range of applications, package sizes and package types. Utilizing over 40 industry-leading worldwide patents, these systems are typically customized to meet a customer’s exact specifications.

Many models that are now part of the standard product line began as challenges from customers and led to the development of several competitive advantages. Tisma’s first UltraTrack® machine was created for a candy company that required high output within a small footprint. The first MemoryTrack® was first built for a pet food company looking for a more sophisticated and intelligent interface with computer scales, while the Flexo-Tray® resulted from a survey of baked goods companies. TC 600 Horizontal Servo Cartoner with Flexo-Tray®

Ideally suited for the food, confectionary and pharmaceutical markets, Tisma cartoners have also been used in applications ranging from golf balls and markers, to razors, dust wipes and lipstick. These systems handle a variety of carton types, including flat-blank, gable top, hexagon shaped, lined, folding and flip-top styles. Additionally, Tisma cartoners are easily adapted to handle specialty containers such as plastic/metal dispenser, paper or plastic tubes, glass or plastic bottles, pucks and tins. TC Semi-Automatic Vertical Cartoner

Operating Speed: 1,000+ cartons per minute, to manually loaded semi-automatics

Product Types: Gum, mints, hard candy, pasta, frozen dinners, cans, yogurt in tubes, golf balls, facial tissue, markers, pens, lip stick, syringes, bottles, crackers, cookies, etc.

Features: Counter, volumetric and weighing filling Quick changeover Stainless steel construction Numerous infeed types Simple, easy to operate designs Various carton closing and sealing methods PLC Controls Rugged and reliable construction

TC 400 Vertical Cartoner with Scale Interface

Advantages: Easy integration with SWF case packers Broad range of carton and specialty container styles Advanced product handling capabilities High production speeds Advanced servo technology Simple line integration Mechanically simple designs Patented technology Compact designs

Models Include: TC 50, TC 60, TC 100, TC 400, TC 600, TC 912, TC 1100

TC 100 High Speed Vertical Cartoner

Primary Markets Served: Baked Goods & Snack Foods Confectionery Products Pharmaceuticals Prepared Foods

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