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Judy’s best friends are Rocky and Frank. But at first Judy doesn’t want to be Frank’s friend because she thinks he is a paste-eating nuisance. It isn’t until Frank’s birthday party that Judy realizes they have a lot in common. Ask students if they have ever made a rash decision regarding a person before getting to know him or her. Then discuss what it means to be a friend. What do friends do together? What do friends do for each other? Even though friends share common interests, discuss the importance of being different as well.

in surrounding circles that connect to that category. For example, the “family” circle would have lines drawn to circles containing the following: Mom, Dad, Stink, Mouse, Jaws. Continue until the character web for Judy is complete. Then have each student select another character from any of the Judy Moody books and make a character web for him or her.

Main & Supporting Characters: Gt to Know Them All


In Judy Mood , M.D.: The Doctor Is In!, Judy’s friends play a trick on her. Ask students if they’ve ever been the target of a joke. Ask how it made them feel. Do they think Judy’s friends are being mean or just having fun? What do Rocky, Frank, and Jessica do to make Judy feel better? At the end of the book, Judy writes herself a prescription on her

doctor pad. Students can write their own “feel better prescriptions” after discussing the question: What would make you feel better if you were sick or if your feelings got hurt?

A Character Web

This is a good activity for discussing the various traits and aspects of a character. Model the activity first by creating a character web for Judy. Together as a class, write Judy’s name in a circle and draw lines from that circle. Discuss the various things that make Judy special. Possible categories for Judy include family, physical attributes, interests/hobbies, and friends. Write those words in four separate circles drawn from the center circle containing Judy’s name. Then write all the things that make up each category

Discuss the concept of main characters and supporting characters and the role that each plays in a novel. Ask students to identify the main characters (Judy, Stink) and supporting characters (Mr. Todd, Mom, Dad) in the Judy Moody books. Once all the characters are identified, have some fun with the following activities. You could have students do all or just one for an entertaining language arts session.

  • Choose a character and write five questions you’d like to ask him or her.

  • Choose a character and explain why you would like him or her for a friend.

  • Choose a character and write five sentences describing him or her.

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Prepared by Karen Cardillo, educational consultant to publishers of children’s books. Illustrations copyright © 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by Peter H. Reynolds.

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