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Installation Basics


Before installation, your PIA must have the proper radio model protocol downloaded. Please see an authorized dealer for programming of your PIA.

When choosing a location to mount the components, care must be taken not to interfere with any of the vehicles existing systems. Good installation prac tices should be observed when mounting components to avoid any vibration, movement or rattling after installation. When routing the cables avoid blocked passages and any obstructions that could kink, crimp, twist, or chafe the cables. Components should be secured in place with methods such as Velcro, double stick foam tape, screws and nuts, cable ties etc. All mounting hardware and methods are at the discretion of the installer. Cables should also be secured in place to avoid movement. Care should be taken not to crimp any of the cables when installing them. And special care should be taken not to route cables on or near sharp edges that could eventually cut into the jacket of the cable.

I.nstallation Planning

The PIA should be located within 2-3 feet of the radio due to the cable lengths. The antenna should be located in an area to insure the cable will reach the tuner location. Check this prior to installation.

Prior to installation, locate the area where the XM Direct 2 Tuner shall be in stalled. Typical locations are the glove box or the center console.

Antenna !nstal!atio[f

1. Best reception is achieved with the antenna mounted on the metal surface ofthe vehicle roofin the center ofan area with at least 12"x 12" of surface area and a minimum of 6" from a window or sun roof.

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