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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


Stage 2:

The second stage of his method is exemplified by a mount that he and Arnie did for Princeton in the late 1950's. It’s standing here in the MCZ lab, half completed. You can see that the Kronosaurus method has been adapted to a free standing model. Notice the big anvil to the left of this lady. Is that what you expect to see in a paleontology lab? Perhaps, but imagine that dad used it more than most would have. In this image you see steel tripods supporting the legs and tail while they were working on the support structures that would make it stand alone. This model was sort of the first phase of Stage 2 because he still had not gotten rid of all of the external steel supports. There were steel bars up the back of the legs when he was finished. In the second phase all external steel was gone except for a single support for the pelvis as appears in the following mount.

In this Stage, he also did an Antrodemus mount for the Price, Utah museum

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    down in the center of the

state. This is a recent photo from their website <http://museum.ceu.edu/images/allosa urus2.jpg>. the Princeton and Price mounts, he figured out how to conceal all supporting steel for every bone of a skeleton which he refined in this mount. But he still hadn’t figured out how to remove the

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