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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


Stage 3:

I can’t find a photo taken from of this pair from the floor, the pinnacle of his method, so will show you this photo taken from above. This is a pair of free-standing bi-pedal dinosaurs without a single visible support for either. The one on the right is a carnivorous Antrodemus, the other a vegetarian Camptosaurus. Notice the differences in the skulls which illustrate the different diets. The first is chasing the second to invite him to lunch.

I look at this pair, and I think that dad is actually thumbing his nose at the whole damn world. By creating the first totally free standing mounts, especially in a pair, with one of them balanced over a minuscule 8 inch long point of contact, he is shouting, he is screaming, he is challenging the world, “Let’s see anyone of you top this!” No one ever will. There will be more beautiful settings, there will be different materials, but no one will be able to surpass the artistic and engineering elegance of this pair.

When seen from the side, Camptosaurus actually appears to be jumping into space, elevated on one foot, practically suspended. Not a single visible support in either creature! Astounding accomplishment. To show yourself just how revolutionary this was, go back again to the first photo in this section. That particular mount is a nice one done at a huge museum with a huge budget and all the

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