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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


balanced?[3] Note the fact that he mounted TWO dinosaurs in this outrageous show of virtuosity. No will ever do better - with or without a Ph.D. Because there is nothing left to achieve. The artist-welder-machinist excelled and no one will exceed him - and only a rare one will even come close.

Planning the Kronosaurus Mount

Well, I’m pretty damn biased here, aren’t I. He was extravagant. This revolutionary mounting method is actually his greatest contribution to the field of paleontology. Really, and it is a major contribution for museum goers, in particular. His concept, hence method, has spread throughout the world. Not through publication or lectures, rather through osmosis. Museum makers simply look at what is, and emulate it. My own research on the internet at major institutions everywhere suggests that his method has influenced them all. I suppose this is because the old style was so pathetic looking that these institutions feared being considered out-dated if they didn’t keep up with the Joneses, in this case, with Jensen.

I want to go back to the beginning of his vision and tell you the story of the extraordinary creativity of James A. I want to reconstruct it for you. There is genius in it that is obscured by his personality and by time, but it is pure genius.

In dad’s records, I found sufficient documentation for this story and it is fascinating. There was a set of about 2 dozen black and white photos of the mounting process which make me think he intended to write an article about it, or at least prepare a lecture. Nothing of that type has turned up so I’m going to use those photos, my imagination, and my own work on the mount to create a plausible description of the steps that he went through to get Kronosaurus mounted. The photos are some of the poorest in his collection because the lighting was so poor - they were taken indoors, most in the actual space where Kronosaurus was mounted which had low light levels to begin with. Let me explain why that was because it isn’t obvious.

35-19-2005: I’ve seen a photo of another dinosaur mounted with visible supports, a lovely job done bu the specialists. So his level has been equaled. To surpass him, however, will require Dune-like technology as in suspensors.

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